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Furniture Polish

A good furniture polish will keep your favorite furniture, whether it's made of wood or metal, looking brand new for years to come. Wood furniture polish will clean, dust, and polish your furniture in one easy step. It requires minimal time, is easy to apply, and provides the kind of protection that keeps nicks and scratches at a minimum. And you can find wood furniture polish in fresh scented varieties, so you don't have to deal with unpleasant or chemical odors.
Metal furniture polish removes fingerprints and dingy stains with ease, and brings out the shine in your metal furniture. And if you'd like added protection, try a metal furniture polish with a silicon additive. The silicon acts as a clear shield that can protect metal furniture from scratches without making it appear dull or chemically treated.  For natural stone applications such as granite, marble, limestone and travertine, be sure to visit our Stone Beauty countertop polish products.

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Misty Aspire Furniture Cleaner & Polish, 12 Cans (AMR A133-20)
Misty Metal Furniture Polish, 12 Cans (AMR A135-20)
Misty Wood Furniture Polish, 12 Cans (AMR A134-20)
Misty Lemon Oil Furniture Polish (AMR R135-4)
Old English Furniture Polish, 12.5-oz. Cans (REC 74035)
Professional Behold®, 6 Cans per Case, 16-oz. Aerosol Can (JAN 96406)
Professional Endust, 6 - 15-oz. Aerosol Cans (JAN 96291)
Claire Gleme Premium Furniture Polish (SHR-CLR818)
Boardwalk Aerosol Furniture Polish, Lemon Scent, 12 Cans (BWK346ACT)
Boardwalk Lemon Oil Furniture Polish Wipes, 12 – 24 Wipe Packs (BWK 346-W)
Swiffer Furniture Polish, Almond Scent, 6 Bottles (PGC 81618CT)
Swiffer Furniture Polish, 6 Spray Bottles (PGC 82428CT)
Simoniz Aerosol Furniture Polish, 12 Cans (SIM-S3339012)
Simoniz Lemon Shine Furniture Polish, 12 Bottles (SIM-L2045012)
Murphy Oil Soap Original Wood Cleaner, 32 oz Bottle (CPC01163)
Murphy Oil Soap Soap, 32 oz. Trigger Spray Bottle (CPC01185EA)
Murphy Oil Soap Soap Concentrate, 1 Gallon Bottle (CPC01103EA)
Murphy Oil Soap Soap Concentrate, 4 Gallons (CPC01103CT)
Murphy Oil Soap Original Wood Cleaner, 32 oz, 9/CT (CPC01163CT)
Murphy Oil Soap Soap Conentrate, 32-oz. Trigger Spray Bottle, 12/Carton (CPC01185CT)
Pledge Furniture Polish, Lemon, 12.5 oz. Aerosol (DVOCB723725EA)
Pledge Lemon Furniture Polish, 12 Aerosol Cans (DVOCB723725CT)
Pledge Lemon Scent Wet Wipes, 24/Pack (DVOCB728072PK)
Old English Furniture Scratch Cover for Dark Woods, 8 oz Bottle (RAC75144)
Old English Furniture Polish, Lemon Scent, Liquid, 16 oz Bottle (RAC75143)
Old English Furniture Polish, 12.5 oz. Aerosol Cans, 12/Carton (RAC74035CT)
Old English Furniture Polish, Lemon Scent, 12.5 oz. Aerosol Can (RAC74035EA)
Old English Furniture Polish, Lemon, 12oz. Spray Bottle (RAC82888)
Boardwalk Furniture Polish Wipes, Lemon Scent, 12 Packs (BWK346W)
Pledge Lemon Scent Wet Wipes, 24/Pack, 12/Carton (DVOCB728072CT)
Genuine Joe Furniture Polish, Removes Dirt/Smudges, 17-oz., Lemon Scent (GJO10351)
Diversey Shine-Up Furniture Cleaner, Lemon, 32oz, Trigger Spray, 12 Bottles (DVO4995480)
Old English Furniture Scratch Cover, Citrus Scent, Liquid, 8 oz. Bottle, 6 Bottles (REC 75144)
Orange Glo Wood Furniture Polish, 32 oz Spray Bottle, 12 Bottles (CDC5703721283CT)
Swiffer Dust & Shine Furniture Polish, Lavender Vanilla Scent, 9.7 oz Bottle (PGC81618)
Swiffer Dust & Shine Furniture Polish, Citrus and Light, 9.7oz Bottle (PGC82428)