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Singlefold Paper Towels is your go-to website for a wide selection of paper hand towels and dispensers, including Singlefold Paper Towels at low, wholesale prices. Ideal for use in busy restrooms, kitchens, cafeterias, food prep areas and more, our online store stocks singlefold towels from trusted brand names such as Georgia Pacific, Windsoft, Scott, Boardwalk, Kleenex and more. Whether you are shopping for singlefold paper towels to refill a dispenser or a pop-up box to keep on the counter in your kitchen or bathroom, we’ve got them in stock and ready to ship right to your doorstep.

While singlefold towels are great for hand drying, they are also absorbent and strong enough for spill clean-ups. These high quality towels are available in natural brown and white colors and come in bulk quantities so you are sure to always have refills on hand. For our environmentally conscious consumers who are interested in saving money but would also like to positively impact the environment, we carry a line of environmentally friendly hand towels that are cost effective while also meeting and exceeding EPA requirements.

Have a question about our selection of hand towels and dispensers or anything in our janitor supply store? We have customer service representatives standing by to answer your questions. All you need to do is call our toll free number or click to chat live to immediately be connected with one of our agents. Our employees receive extensive training in all of our janitorial and cleaning supplies so they can walk you through your purchase and help you pick the singlefold towels that will work best with your location as well as your budget. At, customers are our #1 priority, so we strive to offer you the highest quality products at low prices along with the best customer service around. Check us out today and start saving!

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Boardwalk Single-Fold Paper Hand Towels, White, 4000 Towels (BWK 6212)
Georgia Pacific Acclaim Single Fold Paper Towels, 4,000 Towels (GPC 209-04)
Envision Single Fold Paper Towels, 4,000 Towels (GPC 235-04)
Kleenex Single Fold Paper Towels Pop-Up Box, 2,160 Towels (KCC 01701CT)
Boardwalk 1-Ply Single Fold Hand Towels, 4,000 Towels (BWK 6210)
Scott Single Fold Towels - 4,000 towels (KCC 01700)
Windsoft 106 Singlefold Hand Towels, 1-Ply, Brown, 4,000 Towels (WIN 106)
Windsoft 107 Singlefold Hand Towels, 1-Ply, White, 4,000 Towels (WIN 107)
Advantage Renature Single-Fold Towels (SHR-ADV1070)
Classique Kraft Singlefold Towel, 4,000 Towels (SHR-PSCSF2201)
Classique Singlefold Towel - White (SHR-PSCSF2202)
Boardwalk Singlefold Paper Hand Towels, White, 4,020 Towels (BWK 12GREEN)
Boardwalk Green Plus, White, C-Fold Hand Towels, 2,400 Towels (BWK 39GREEN)
Kleenex Ultra Soft Hand Towels, Pop-Up Box, 1,260 Towels (KCC 11268CT)
EcoSoft Single-Fold Natural Towels, 4,020 Towels (WAU 47000)
EcoSoft Single-Fold Green Seal White Hand Towels, 4,020 Towels (WAU 47300)
EcoSoft Single-Fold White Hand Towels, 4,020 Towels (WAU 47500)
Boardwalk GreenSeal Single-Fold Paper Towels, 4,020 Towels (BWK12GREEN)
Boardwalk Singlefold Kraft Paper Towels, 4,000 Towels (BWK6210)
Boardwalk White Singlefold Paper Towels, 4,000 Towels (BWK6212)
Envision White Singlefold Paper Towel, 4,000 Towels (GPC20904)
Envision 1-Ply Brown Singlefold Paper Towel, 4,000 Towels (GPC23504)
Scott Singlefold White Paper Towels, 4,000 Towels (KCC01700)
Kleenex Hand Towels Pop Up Box, 120 Towels (KCC01701)
Kleenex 11268 Ultra Soft Hand Towels, White, 70 Towels (KCC11268)
Tork Brown Single-Fold Towels, 4,000 Towels (SCASK1850A)
EcoSoft Natural Brown Single-Fold Towels, 4,000 Towels (WAU47000)
EcoSoft Green Seal White Single-Fold Paper Towels, 4,000 Towels (WAU47300)
Windsoft Singlefold Paper Towels, 1-Ply, Brown, 4,000 Towels (WIN106)
Windsoft Singlefold Paper Towels, 1-Ply, White, 4,000 Towels (WIN107)
Single-Fold Towel, 250 Sheet per Pack, 16 Packs per Carton, Natural (GJO21020)
Gen Singlefold Paper Towels, Kraft, 4,000 Towels (GEN 1507)
Wausau Paper Dubl-Nature Folded Towels, 1-Ply, White, 9.5 x 9.125 (WAU 48140)
Cascades Tissue Group, Brown Singlefold Towel, 4,000 Towels (FOR-4034)
Cascades Tissue Group, White Singlefold Towel, 4,000 Towels (FOR-4030)
Boardwalk Boardwalk Towels, 10 1/8x3, 150 Sheets/Pack 16 Packs (BWK39GREEN)
Gen Singlefold Paper Towels, 9 x 9 9/20, Kraft, 250/Pack (GEN1507)
Kleenex Paper Hand Towels Pop-Up Box, 18 Boxes (KCC01701CT)
Kimberly-clark Ultra Soft Hand Towels, POP-UP Box, 70 per Box (KCC11268CT)
Wausau Paper EcoSoft Folded Towels, 9 x 10, White, 268/Pack, 15 Packs/Carton (WAU47500)