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Center Pull Paper Towels

For all of your paper towel needs, the only place to shop is for the best selection and lowest prices around. There are so many types of paper hand towels that sometimes it can get overwhelming trying to choose. However, if you are looking for hand towels that are economical and promote good hygiene, check out our stock of center pull paper towels. Center pull towels used with the correct dispenser save you money and allow for hygienic dispensing of hand towels. With center pull paper towels, your customers and employees will only touch the towel they will use, cutting down on cross contamination in your facility. Center pull towels and dispensers can provide the same amount of germ control as hands-free towel dispensers at a fraction of the price. The one-at-a-time dispensing also helps to prevent waste as the user can only take one towel at a time. For any business looking to save money on restroom supplies, we offer our bulk paper towels and dispensers at wholesale prices that will fit any budget.

Ideal for use in any public restroom, our inventory of center pull hand towels are available from a variety of trusted brand names such as Scott, Kleenex and Boardwalk. Center pull towels are especially great for locations such as hospitals, daycare centers, nursing homes and schools, where maintaining a healthy, germ-free environment is a top priority. Remember to check out our selection of center pull towel dispensers for a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive hands-free dispensers. offers all of our paper towel products, including center-pull hand towels, in bulk quantities so you will always have refills on hand. Our online superstore is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your shopping convenience. Shop from the comfort of your home or office and your order will arrive on your doorstep without the hassle of crowds and long lines. Have a question about our center pull hand towels and dispensers or any of our other janitorial supplies? Our customer service associates are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST to help you with your purchase. Just call our toll free number or click to chat live with one of our knowledgeable employees. is the place to shop for all of your janitorial and restroom supplies at low prices no other competitor can beat.

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Windsoft Center-Pull Hand Towels, 6 Rolls (WIN 1420)
Boardwalk White Center-Pull Paper Hand Towels, 6 Rolls (BWK 6400)
Kleenex Premiere Center-Pull Hand Towels, 6 Rolls (KCC 01076)
Kleenex Premiere Center-Pull Hand Towels, 4 Rolls (KCC 01320)
Preference Perforated Center-Pull Towels, 6 Rolls (GPC 440)
Scott Center-Pull Paper Towels, 4 Rolls (KCC 01051)
Scott Center-Pull Hand Towels, 1-Ply, 6 Rolls (KCC 01061)
Scott Center-Pull Hand Towels, 2-Ply, 4 Rolls (KCC 01010)
Scott 2-Ply Center-Pull Towels, 6 Rolls (KCC 01020)
Kimberly Clark Scott Roll Control Center-Pull Towels, 6 Rolls (KCC 01032)
Georgia Pacific SofPull Center-Pull Hand Towels, 4 Rolls (GPC 281-43)
Georgia Pacific SofPull Jr. Center-Pull Hand Towels, 8 Rolls (GPC 281-25)
SofPull Regular-Capacity Center-Pull Hand Towels, 6 Rolls (GPC 281-24)
Advantage Renature Center-Flow Center Pull Towels, 6 Rolls (SHR-ADV1420)
General Liners Center Pull Towels, 2-Ply, 6 Rolls (SHR-GEN6002)
Boardwalk Premium 300-Ft. Center-Pull Towels, 2-Ply, 6 Rolls (BWK 6405)
Boardwalk 2 Ply Premium Center-Pull Towels, 6 Rolls (BWK 6415)
Boardwalk Center-Pull 2-Ply Paper Towels, 6 Rolls (BWK6400)
Sofpull Center-Pull White Perforated Paper Towels, 6 Rolls (GPC28124)
Scott Roll Control Center Pull Towels, 6 Rolls (KCC01032)
Sofpull High Capacity Perforated Center Pull Paper Towel, 4 Rolls (GPC28143)
General Supply 2-Ply Centerpull Paper Towel, 6 Rolls (GEN203)
Preference 2-Ply Center-Pull Paper Towels, 6 Rolls (GPC44000)
Scott 2-Ply Center-Pull Towels, White, 4 Rolls (KCC01010)
Kleenex Premiere Center-Pull Towel Rolls, 6 Rolls (KCC01076)
Scott 2-Ply Center-Pull Hand Towel Rolls, 6 Rolls (KCC01020)
Sofpull Premium Jr. Capacity White Center-Pull Towel, 8 Rolls (GPC28125)
Kleenex Premiere Center-Pull Towels, 4 Rolls (KCC01320)
Scott Center-Pull Paper Roll Towels, White, 4 Rolls (KCC01051)
Scott 1-Ply Center-Pull Towels, White, 6 Rolls (KCC01061)
Tork Center-Pull Paper Towels, 6 Rolls (SCA121202)
Windsoft Center-Pull Perforated Paper Towels, 6 Rolls (WIN1420)
Boardwalk Center-Pull Hand Towels, 660 Sheets/Roll, 6 Rolls (BWK6415)
GEN Center-Pull Roll Towels, 2-Ply, White, 8 x 10, 6 Rolls (GEN 203)
GEN Center-Pull Roll Towels, 2-Ply, White, 8 x 10, 6 Rolls (GEN CPULL)