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You don’t have to be an environmental enthusiast to appreciate electric hand dryers over paper towels. Even when the paper towels used are made from recycled paper, they are still disposed of in the trash can. This excess trash will then require additional restroom maintenance and ultimately increasing janitorial labor costs. The ongoing purchase and repurchase of paper towels is not only a hassle but also a waste of money. has electric hand dryer specials and commercial hand dyers at incredibly low, wholesale prices. Concerned about the electricity the hand dryer will use? Don’t be. They work so efficiently hands are dried between 10-30 seconds and the dryers automatically turn off - saving you energy. Never having to touch any button or levers, the automatic hand dryers are a more sanitary solution to paper towel dispensers. Stop the endless cycle of paper towel waste, invest in a hand dryer and keep your money in your wallet, not trickling down the drain. Also, check out’s full line of no-touch automatic toilet and urinal flushers, which are just another way for hygiene to remain at the forefront of your restroom and continually keep maintenance costs down. Minimize the spread of germs and bacteria with electric hand dryers and automatic toilet flushers offered at wholesale prices from, the online janitorial supply superstore.

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Bobrick Eclipse Automatic Hand Dryer (BOB 740)
Palmer BluStorm Touchless High Speed Hand Dryer, 110/120V (PFO-HD0950-09)
Palmer Hand Dryer - Touchless Painted Cast Aluminum (PFO-HD0907-17)
Palmer Hand Dryer -Touchless High Grade Fire Retardant ABS (PFO-HD0903-17)
Compac Automatic Hand Dryer (BOB 710)
TrimLine Series Automatic Hand Dryer (BOB 7128 115V)
Auto Flush Side-Mount Urinal Flushing System, Each (TEC 401186A)
Auto Flush Side-Mount Toilet Flushing System, Each (TEC 401187A)
Auto Flush Clamp-On Urinal Flushing System, Each (TEC 401804A)
Auto Flush Clamp-On Toilet Flushing System, Each (TEC 401805A)
Auto Spout Adapter (PFO-AF0630-12)
Palmer iStorm high speed hand dryer, 110/120V - SILVER (PFO-HD0980-08)
Palmer iStorm high speed hand dryer, 110/120V - WHITE (PFO-HD0980-17)
Bobrick Compact Automatic Hand Dryer, 115V, Gray (BOB710)
Bulk Buys Rubber soap holders, 24/Case (KOLE-GS007)
Bath And Body Metal soap dish, 24/Case (KOLE-GS029)
Bulk Buys Shower curtain rings, 24/Case (KOLE-HA004)
Bulk Buys Scented toilet paper roll holder, 24/Case (KOLE-HA113)
Bulk Buys Toilet scrub brush, 12/Case (KOLE-HB204)
Bulk Buys Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets, 24/Case (KOLE-HB844)
Bulk Buys 10 pack disposable toilet seat covers, 24/Case (KOLE-HC215)
Bath And Body Hanging shower caddy, 12/Case (KOLE-HG003)
Bath And Body Magnetized shower curtain liner, 24/Case (KOLE-HL076)
Bulk Buys Toilet paper holder, 12/Case (KOLE-HM579)
Bulk Buys Toilet brush and holder, 12/Case (KOLE-HO012)
Bulk Buys Toilet bowl scrubber and storage cup, 12/Case (KOLE-HP080)
Bath And Body Soap boxes, 24/Case (KOLE-HS058)
Bulk Buys Decorative shower curtain, 18/Case (KOLE-HS078)
Bulk Buys Replacement toilet paper holders, 12/Case (KOLE-HT169)
Bulk Buys Drain buster, 1 Each (KOLE-OB641)
Bulk Buys shower curtain / hook set, 6/Pack (KOLE-OC194)
Bulk Buys Melamine bath gift set, 5/Pack (KOLE-SC001)
Bulk Buys Toothbrush holder, 24/Case (KOLE-UU253)
Bulk Buys Corner shower caddy with suction cups, 8/Case (KOLE-UU259)
Bulk Buys Bathroom squid, 2 pack, 8/Case (KOLE-UU695)
Bulk Buys conso 16x20 self adhesive designer tissue box cover, 6/Pack (KOLE-WM358)
Bulk Buys Toothbrush valet, white, 25/Case (KOLE-ZZ300)
Bulk Buys Toothbrush valet or caddy, black, 25/Case (KOLE-ZZ301)
Bulk Buys Toothbrush valet, beige, 24/Case (KOLE-ZZ302)
Palmer BluStorm Touchless High Speed Hand Dryer - 220/240V (PFO-HD0951-09)
Palmer BluStorm Recessed Touchless High Speed Hand Dryer, 110/120V (PFO-HD0955-09)
Palmer iStorm high speed hand dryer, 208/220V - SILVER (PFO-HD0981-08)
Palmer iStorm high speed hand dryer, 208/220V - WHITE (PFO-HD0981-17)