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Powder and Liquid Creme Cleansers

Dirt, grease and grime are a part of life we can’t prevent. However, arming yourself with a high quality cleanser can ensure that the filth does not overtake your environment. offers a wide selection of cleaners, including powder and crème cleansers at wholesale prices. Soft Scrub cleanser takes on stubborn dirt, grease, grime, mold and mildew and soap scum without damaging your surfaces. Available in a variety of formulas and scents, you are sure to find a Soft Scrub product that will work no matter what the cleaning task is. Ajax has been a known and trusted brand that is “stronger than dirt” for over 60 years and comes in both crème and powder to clean everything from kitchens and bathrooms to painted woodwork, door jambs and baseboards. For tough stains and stubborn soap scum Comet Deodorizing Cleanser does the trick while eliminating salmonella, staph and most other bacteria. With trusted brand names like Clorox, Comet, Simoniz, Soft Scrub and Ajax, you are sure to find what you need here at Browse our selection of high quality powder and liquid crème cleansers. Once you see our low prices and high quality janitorial supplies online, you won’t want to shop anywhere else.

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3M Ready-to-Use Creme Cleanser, 12 Bottles per Case, 32-oz. Bottle (MCO 34763)
21-oz. Ajax Heavy-Duty Oxygen Bleach Powder, 24 Cans (CPC 14278)
Comet Cleaner with Bleach, 8 Bottles (PGC 02287)
Comet Cleaner with Bleach, 3 Gallon Bottles (PGC 02291CT)
Gojo Fast Wipe Hand Cleaning Towels, 520 count (GOJ 6298)
Gojo Fast Wipes Hand Cleaning Towels, 450 count (GOJ 6299)
Gojo Fast Wipes Hand Cleaning Towels/ Personal Care Wipes - 360 count (GOJ 6285)
Lift Off Dry Erase Board Cleaner Wipes, 6 - 30 Wipe Containers (MTS 42703)
Misty Crystal Clear Dust Mop Treatment, 4 Gallon Size Bottles (AMR R811-4)
Misty Industrial Cleaning Solvent, 12 Cans (AMR A365-20)
Misty Neutra Clean Floor Cleaner, 4 Bottles (AMR R800-4)
Misty Super Reprosolve Industrial Detergent Degreaser, 4 Bottles (AMR R327-4)
Armor All Original Protectant, 4 Bottles (ARM 10710)
Armor All Original Protectant, 6 Spray Bottles (ARM 10228)
Armor All Original Protectant, 6- 32-oz. Spray Bottles (ARM 10326)
Orvus W A Paste 7-1/2-lb. Containers, 4 Containers/Case (PGC 02531)
Professional LYSOL Brand II Pine Action Cleaner, 4 Gallon Bottles (REC 02814)
Nice Pak Sani-Wipe Surface Sanitizing Wipes, 6 Canisters (NIC Q94384)
Scrubs Whiteboard Cleaner Wipes, 6 Canisters (DYM 90891)
Soft Scrub® Lemon Cleanser, 26-oz. Bottle (DIA 00865)
Soft Scrub Liquid Cleanser with Bleach Disinfectant, 9 Bottles (DIA 01602)
Soft Scrub Liquid Cleanser with Bleach Disinfectant, 6 Bottles (DIA 15519)
UHS Combo Cleaner/Maintainer, 4 Gallons (FRK F455822)
ITW Dymon Problem Solver Heavy Duty Cleaner (SHR-DYM23920)
Soft Scrub Liquid Cleanser with Lemon, 6 Bottles (DIA 15020)
Comet Deodorizing Cleanser with Chlorinol, 24 - 21-oz. Canisters (PGC 32987)
Comet Deep Clean Creme Cleanser, 9 Bottles (PGC 53835)
Clorox Bleach Cream Cleanser, 8 - 32-oz. Bottles (CLO 30613)
Simoniz Gentle Touch Creme Cleanser, 12 Bottles (SIM-G1325012)
Ajax Oxygen Bleach Powder Cleanser, 21-oz. Container (CPC14278EA)
Soft Scrub Lemon Cleanser, Non-Bleach, 38 oz. Bottle, 6/Carton (DIA15020CT)
Soft Scrub Cleanser with Bleach, 36 oz. Bottle, 6/Carton (DIA15519CT)
Soft Scrub Lemon Cleanser, Non-Bleach, Biodegradable, 36 oz. Bottle (DIA15020EA)
Comet Crème Deodorizing Cleanser, 32-oz. Bottle (PGC53835EA)
Comet Cleanser Powder with Chlorinol, 24 Cans (PGC32987CT)
Comet Creme Deodorizing Cleanser, 9 Bottles (PGC53835CT)
Soft Scrub Cleanser with Bleach, 36 oz. Bottle (DIA15519EA)
Comet Cleanser w/Chlorinol, Powder, 21-oz. Can (PGC32987EA)
Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Antibacterial Cleaner, Summer Citrus, 9 Bottles (PGC 82707CT)