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Mechanical Floor Sweeper

Mechanical floor sweepers are ultra-convenient - they can be used anywhere, anytime, are lightweight, and do not require the use of an electrical outlet for operation like a traditional vacuum cleaner. Here at, we offer all types of floor sweepers, including (but not limited to) brushless carpet sweepers and mechanical brooms, all sold at incredibly-low wholesale prices. Selling trusted brand names such as Oreck, Rubbermaid, and Scotch Brite, our floor sweepers are the perfect tool for quick clean-ups on a multitude of floor surfaces, like vinyl, wood, tile, carpet, even concrete and brick. For use in every room in your office, restaurant, recreational vehicle, hotel, or home, floor sweepers are the most versatile way to swiftly and effortlessly clean up crumbs, dirt, debris, hair, and sand even under furniture and between chairs. Once you own a mechanical floor sweeper, you will be amazed at how often you will instinctively grab for this handy, go-anywhere “vacuum.” So go ahead, buy with confidence and get swept away by your new mechanical floor sweeper.

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Rubbermaid Brushless Mechanical Carpet Sweeper (RCP 4215-88 BLA)
Rubbermaid Dual-Action Sweeper (RCP 4213-88 BLA)
Rubbermaid Floor & Carpet Sweeper (RCP 4212-88 BLA)
Scotch-Brite Quick Floor Sweeper (MCO 97100)
Workhorse Carpet Sweeper (FRK 39357)
Rubbermaid Dual Action Sweeper, 42" Handle, Black/Yellow (RCP421388BLA)
Rubbermaid Floor Sweeper, Plastic Bristles, 44" Handle, Blk (RCP421288BLA)
Rubbermaid Brushless Mechanical Sweeper, 44" Handle, Black/Yellow (RCP421588BLA)