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If you own a vacuum cleaner, it’s important to take care of it with routine maintenance so that it will last you for years to come. Every once in a while, though, minor repairs may be necessary. For that reason, We offer our customers an assortment of vacuum accessories at low, wholesale prices to keep your vacuum running at peak performance.

Over time your vacuum will endure some wear and tear and may even pick up coins and metal objects that could do some damage. We stock carpet magnets that detect metal items before you vacuum, avoiding potentially expensive damage. Sometimes mishaps may occur, though, requiring a new belt. Our online superstore carries replacement belts for a variety of vacuums. But why wait for something to break? At prices this low, it’s worth it to keep replacement belts on hand so you are ready for one of those mishaps. Vacuum filters help effectively trap dirt, dust and allergens, resulting in cleaner air, but filters need to be replaced periodically to keep that air clean and you can get them here! In addition, our website carries vacuum cleaner bags for a multitude of vacuum brands including: Eureka, Hoover, Oreck, Rubbermaid, Panasonic and more.

You want to make sure that you get the right replacement parts for your specific vacuum and we have employees standing by ready to help. When you call our toll free number or click to chat live via our website, you will immediately be connected with a customer service associate specially trained to answer any question you may have about our selection of professional janitorial supplies, including vacuum cleaner accessories and replacement parts. Here at, we pride ourselves on our high quality, brand name products at super low prices along with superior customer service.  Almost too good to be true?  Give us a call and experience the difference.  We look forward to having you as our customer.

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Carpet Magnet, 12in Wide (UNS CM12)
Disposable Eureka Vacuum Bags, 6 - 3 Bag Packs (EUR 52320-6)
Disposable Vacuum Bags, for use with Eureka Vacuums, 10 Bags (EUR6237010CT)
Disposable Vacuum Cleaner Bags, for Eureka Vacuums, 50 Bags (EUR 63213-10)
Disposable Sanitaire Vacuum Cleaner Bags - 50 bags per case (EUR 63262-10)
Sanitaire Vacuum Bags For Commercial Canister Vacuum, 18 Bags (EUR 60295-6)
Disposable Vacuum Cleaner Bags, For Use with Eureka Vacuums (EUR 61125-12)
Disposable Vacuum Cleaner Bags, for Eureka Vacuums, 18 Bags (EUR 61820-6)
Rubbermaid 9VBPHP06 HEPA replacement vacuum bags, 10 Bags (RCP 9VBPHP06)
Rubbermaid 9VBPPB06 Disposable Back Pack Vacuum Bags, 10 Bags (RCP 9VBPPB06)
Rubbermaid 9VCVPB12 Vacuum Cleaner Bags, 10 Bags (RCP 9VCVPB12)
Rubbermaid 9VMHBA12 Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bag, 10 Bags (RCP 9VMHBA12)
Rubbermaid 9VULBC12 Replacement Cloth Vacuum Cleaner Bag (RCP 9VULBC12)
Rubbermaid 9VULPB12 Disposable Vacuum Cleaner Bags, 10 Paper Bags (RCP 9VULPB12)
Rubbermaid 9VMHHP, Optional HEPA Filter Kit, 8 Bags (RCP 9VMHHP)
Replacement Washable HEPA Filters, 4/Pack (EUR 61840-4CT)
Rubbermaid 9VCVBE12 Replacement Round Belt for 9VCV12 and 9VCV16 (RCP 9VCVBE12)
Sanitaire Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Belts, 2 Belts (EUR 52100)
Clarke-Alto Fits 300 - 400 Vacuums with Cloth Bag, Replacement Vacuum Bags (GK-F/G-10)
Eureka LS LiteSpeed & Sanitaire SC5713 Replacement Vacuum Bags (GK-EurLS)
Eureka MM - Mighty Mite Replacement Vacuum Bags (GK-EurMM)
Eureka SL & Sanitaire SC785 Replacement Vacuum Bags (GK-EurSL)
Sanitaire Back Pack SC412 Replacement Vacuum Bags, 100 Bags (GK-300BP)
Hoover A Replacement Vacuum Bags, 36 Bags (GK-HOVA)
Sanitaire DuraLux SC9120 - SC9150 & SC9180 Replacement Vacuum Bags (GK-EurSD)
Windsor Triple Layer Replacement Vacuum Bags, 100 Bags (GK-5300)
Windsor Versamatic Triple Layer Replacement Vacuum Bags, 100 Bags (GK-2003)
Atrix Backpack Vacuum Hepa Filter Bags, 10 Bags (ATRX-VACBP6-10P)
Express Office Vacuum Filters, 10 Filters (ATRX-720200)
HEPA Filter for Green Supreme Canister Vacuum (ATRX-OF612HE)
Standard Filter for Green Supreme Vacuum Cleaner (ATRX-31700C)
Mighty Mouth HEPA Filters, 5 Packs (ATRX-MMHEPA-5P)
Atrix Standard Replacement Filters for Express Plus Vacuum (ATRX-710333)
Atrix HEPA Canister Replacement Filters, 10 Pack (ATRX-AHC-2)
Oreck Commercial Compacto Motor Filter, Black (ORK-BLKCART-09)
Compacto Hepa Motor Filter,Red (ORK-HEPACART-09)
Oreck Commercial Hepa Premier Series Power Nozzle Set (ORK-ORBPAK1)
Oreck Commercial Nickel Metal Hydride Battery for Pr9100Nm (ORK-PR81KBAT-NM)
Electrolux Replacement Belt Bagless Sanitaire Lightweight Commercial, 2/Pack (EUR52100C12)
5 pack of HEPA replacement bags for AHSC-1 (ATRX-AHLR-2)
Atrix Spare 36V Battery (ATRX-BPBAT)
Atrix Charger, 110V/240V, includes 10' Power Cord (ATRX-BPCHG)
Sanitaire Vacuum Bags For Sanitaire Upright Vacuums, 18 per Case (EUR523206)
Electrolux Disposable Bags For Sanitaire Multi-Pro 2 Motor Lightweight Upright Vac, 3/Pack (EUR61125A12CT)
Rubbermaid Disposable Vacuum Bags for Backpack Vacs, 10/Pack (RCP9VBPPB06)
Rubbermaid Vacuum Bags, Paper, For Rubbermaid Vacuum,10/Pack (RCP9VCVPB12)
Rubbermaid 9VMHBA12 Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bags, 10 Pack (RCP9VMHBA12)
Atrix VACBP Vacuum Series Carry Bag, Each (ATRX-BP200)