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Packaging Supplies carries a large selection of janitorial and cleaning supplies, but we don’t stop there. Our online superstore stocks an assortment of packaging supplies for all of your shipping and handling and storage needs. And we offer them to you at low, wholesale prices. Getting your packages where they are going on time and intact is important. While we can't help getting your packages delivered quickly, we can help ensure that they reach their destination undamaged and in one piece.

Our inventory of sealing tape is ideal for long-term storage use, label protection and light duty shipping, but when you have to ship multiple boxes, be sure to check out our selection of stretch film for wrapping pallet loads to ensure secure delivery and protect shipments from water, dirt and damage.  If you are shipping and receiving large packages, a receiving scale can be a useful tool and we’ve got a variety of them ranging in capacity from 150 pounds to 400 pounds so you can find the scale that suits your shipping needs. Once you have those packages ready for storage or shipping, you’ll need to label and address them. Lucky for you, we also carry permanent markers that are water-resistant and dry quickly for smudge-free labeling even on wet and oily surfaces. Be sure to grab a box of these handy markers before you check out.

Duct tape is considered a handyman’s secret weapon. This waterproof and tear-resistant tape provides high performance strength and adhesion so you can be sure that whatever the application, once you’ve applied duct tape, it will stay put! We also carry duct tape in a variety fun colors that are great for decorating and crafting as well as color coding and identification and come in rolls ranging from 10-60 yards. These are just a few examples of the packaging supplies we carry, so be sure to browse our entire selection to find the specific product that will work for you.

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Handwrap Stretch Film, 15-Micron Thickness, 4 Rolls (UVS 62018)
Handwrap Stretch Film, Adjustable Hand Dispenser (UVS 89000)
Box Sealing Tape Dispenser (UVS 88000)
Clear Box Sealing Tape, 109 Yards - 6 rolls per pack (UVS 63500)
Heavy-Duty Box Sealing Tape, 6 Rolls (UVS 93001)
Clear Box Sealing Tape, 55 Yards - 6 rolls per pack (UVS 63000)
Tan Box Sealing Tape, 55 Yards - 6 rolls per pack (UVS 63001)
General-Purpose Masking Tape, 36 Rolls per Case, 1in (24 mm) Width (UVS 51301)
General-Purpose Masking Tape, 24 Rolls per Case, 2in (48 mm) Width (UVS 51302)
Marks-A-Lot Large Tip Permanent Marker, Black, 12 Markers (AVY 08-888)
Marks-A-Lot Regular Tip Permanent Marker, Black, 12 Markers (AVY 07-888)
Self-Adhesive Packing List Envelopes, 100 Envelopes per Box (QPK 46895)
Self-Adhesive Packing List Envelopes, 1,000 Envelopes per Carton (QPK 46897)
Sharpie Magnum Permanent Black Marker, 12 Markers (SNF 44001)
Scotch Moving & Storage Tape Premium Thickness, 1.88" x 54.6 yds, 3" Core, 3/Pack (MMM36313)
Scotch Moving & Storage Tape Premium Thickness, 1.88" x 54.6 yds, 3" Core, 8/Pack (MMM36318)
Scotch Moving & Storage Tape Premium Thickness, 1.88" x 54.6 yds, 3" Core, 36/Carton (MMM3631CS36)