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Cleaning Dusters

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Microfiber Flexible High-Reach Duster Replacement Sleeve (RCP Q851)
Master Caster CleanGreen Microfiber Dusting Gloves, Pair (MAS18040)
3m Easy Trap Duster, 5" x 125 ft., 2 Rolls/Carton (MMM55655)
3m Easy Trap Flip Holder, 4" x 23" (MMM59247)
3m Easy Trap Duster, 5" x 30 ft., 60 Sheets/Box (MMM59032)
3m Easy Trap Duster, 8" x 125 ft., 1 Roll/Carton (MMM55654)
Swiffer 360 Duster Refills, Swiffer 16944, 6 Refills/Box (PGC16944)
Swiffer 41767 Refill Dusters, Cloth, White, 10/Box (PGC41767)
Swiffer 360° Starter Kit, 1 Handle and 1 Disposable Dusters/Box (PGC16942)
Swiffer Dusters, Extendable Plastic Handle & 3 Dusters, 1 Box (PGC82074)
Rubbermaid Hygen Quick-Connect Microfiber Dusting Wand Sleeve, 22.7 x 3.25 (RCPQ851)
Rubbermaid Commercial Duster Brush w/Plastic Dustpan, White (RCP6C0100)
Unisan MicroFeather Duster, Microfiber, Washable, 23", White (UNSMICRODUSTER)
Unisan Polywool Duster w/20" Plastic Handle, Assorted Colors (UNS9441)
Unisan MicroFeather Duster Telescopic Handle, 36" to 60", Blue (UNS638)
Unisan MicroFeather Mini Duster, Microfiber Feathers, 11", Assorted Colors (UNSMINIDUSTER)
Unisan Retractable Feather Duster, Blk Plastic Handle Extends 9-14" (UNS914FD)
Unisan Polywool Duster, Metal Handle Extends 51" to 82" (UNS9442)
Unisan Lambswool Duster w/26" Plastic Handle, Assorted Colors (UNSL26)
3m Easy Trap Duster, 8" x 30 ft., 60 Sheets/Box (MMM59152)
Rubbermaid HYGEN Quick-Connect Flexible Dusting Wand, 28 3/4 x 3 1/4 (RCPQ850)
Unisan Lambswool Extendable Duster, Plastic Handle Extends 35" to 48", Assorted Colors (UNSL3850)
Swiffer 40509, Swiffer Duster Starter Kits, 9 Kits, 5 Dusters/Kit (PGC40509)
Rubbermaid Hygen HYGEN Hi-Performance Flexi Wand, 28 3/8" Handle (RCPQ852WHI)
Rubbermaid Hygen Performance Microfiber Flexi Wand Dusting Sleeve (RCPQ853WHI)
Rubbermaid Commercial HiDuster Overhead Duster, 61-102" Handle (RCPT130)
Rubbermaid Commercial Flexible-Head Overhead Dusting Tool Dust Mitt/Sleeve (RCPT499)
Unger StarDuster Cob Web Duster, 3 1/2" Handle (UNGCOBW0)
Unger ProDuster Sleeve, 7 x 18; 50/Pack (UNGDS50Y)
Unisan Turkey Feather Duster, 7" Handle (UNS12DC)
Unisan Professional Ostrich Feather Duster, 4" Handle (UNS12GY)
Unisan Professional Ostrich Feather Duster, 7" Handle (UNS13FD)
Unisan Professional Ostrich Feather Duster, 13" Handle (UNS23FD)
Impact Telescopic Lambswool Duster, 30-45" Handle (IMP3105)
Magnolia Brush Beaver-Tail Counter Duster, 12/carton (MNL54)
Swiffer Refill Dusters, Dust Lock Fiber, Yellow, 10/Box (PGC16697)
Swiffer Handle Duster, Dust Lock Fiber, Yellow (PGC40509EA)
Pro-Series 78403 Classic Dust Cloths, Mineral Oil Treated, 1/6 Fold, 500 Cloths (MDI-78403)