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Extractors and Sets

Nothing halts a job quicker than not having the right tools to move forward in your project. Here at CleanItSupply.com we have extractors and sets to assist you in getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Broken studs, bolts, socket screws and fittings are no match for our extractors specifically designed to remove them with ease. Whether you need a spiral, straight, bolt, or multi-spline, we have the extractors you are in the market for in all styles and sizes at incredible wholesale prices. In addition to our single extractor tools, our whole extractor sets will never have you wasting time searching for what you need because with the handy carrying case you will always have the tools you require right at your fingertips. Get him what he really wants this year! These sets are ideal for gift-giving for the new groom, first-time homeowner, on Father’s Day, for birthdays and other holidays. Maybe even checkout our new multi-purpose tools, which make great gifts. With these low, discounted prices you’ll never pay more at CleanItSupply.com for high-quality, brand name tools like Irwin that he would be proud to display and even more excited to use.

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Proto 5-Piece Screw Extractor Set (PTO9500A)
Proto 10-Piece Screw Extractor Set (PTO9500B)
Proto Screw Extractor, 1/8" (PTO9521)
Proto Screw Extractor, 3/16" (PTO9522)
Proto Screw Extractor, 15/64" (PTO9523)
Proto Screw Extractor, 5/16" (PTO9524)
Proto Screw Extractor, 3/8" (PTO9525)
Proto Screw Extractor, 15/32" (PTO9525B)
Proto Screw Extractor, 21/32" (PTO9527)
Proto Screw Extractor, 13/16" (PTO9528)
Proto Screw Extractor, 1-1/16" (PTO9529)
Irwin SAE Spiral-Flute Extractor/Drill Bit Set, 10-Piece (HNS11119)
Irwin 35-Piece Screw Extractor/Drill Bit Set; SAE (HNS11135)
Irwin 9-Piece Spiral Screw Extractor Set (HNS52490)
Irwin 10-Piece Screw Extractor Set, 1/8" to 13/32" (HNS53226)
Irwin Hex-Head Multi-Spline Screw Extractor, 25-Piece Set (HNS53227)
Irwin Spiral Screw Extractor, #1SP (HNS53401)
Irwin Spiral Screw Extractor, #2SP (HNS53402)
Irwin Spiral Screw Extractor, #3SP (HNS53403)
Irwin Spiral Screw Extractor, #4SP (HNS53404)
Irwin Spiral Screw Extractor, #5SP (HNS53405)
Irwin Spiral Screw Extractor, #6SP (HNS53406)
Irwin Spiral-Flute Extractor, 5-Piece Set, EX-1 to EX-5 (HNS53535)
Irwin Spiral-Flute Extractor, 6-Piece Set, EX-1 to EX-6 (HNS53545)
Irwin Spiral Screw Extractor Set, #1SP through #5SP (HNS53635)
Irwin Straight-Flute Extractor, 6-Piece Set, ST-1 to ST-6 (HNS53645)
Irwin 9-Piece Bolt Extractor Set (IRW54009)
Irwin 13-Piece Bolt Extractor Set, 3/8in Drive, 1/4"-3/4" (IRW54113)
Ridgid No. 10 Screw Extractor Set, 20-Piece, Spiral-Flute (RID35585)
Ridgid 6-Piece Pipe Extractor Set, No. 80 to 85, 1/8" to 1", Alloy Steel (RID35685)