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Upright Brooms Plastic

While the broom’s basic design and concept has changed little over the years, the variety of styles and construction materials continue to evolve. We offers many different types of upright plastic brooms at wholesale prices. Whatever type of cleaning job you have, we carry the ideal brooms to fit your specific needs. Maid and janitor brooms, lobby brooms, commercial and residential brooms, some with dust pans, some are angled for corners, others are extra wide for cleaning large areas, some brooms can even be used on carpeting! Many of our brooms can also be easily washed and reused. Not only do the bristles come in an assortment of styles and materials, so do the handles. Though, many of our upright brooms are plastic, we also carry wood or metal as well. Popular, high quality name brands such as O Cedar, Libman, Unisan, and Rubbermaid all at low discounted prices are readily available for quick shipping from CleanItSupply.com. With such a wide array of upright plastic brooms, you may be uncertain about which are right for your home or workplace. Our knowledgeable, friendly customer service representatives will happily assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about upright plastic brooms or any of our products.

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Rubbermaid Angled Broom, 46-7/8" Long Handle, Vinyl-Coated Metal (RCP 6375 GRA)
Angled Brooms, 48-7/8in Long Handle, Aluminum (RCP 6385 GRA)
Unisan Angler Broom, 13" Wide, 12 Brooms (UNS932ACT)
Flagged Angler Broom, Metal Handle - 12 per case (UNS 932M)
Janitor Broom (UNS 930BP)
Unisan Lobby Broom, Black, 12/Case (UNS 951BP)
Rubbermaid Polypropylene Dust Pan Broom, Black (RCP 6374)
Maid Broom (UNS 916P)
Impact Plastic Lobby Dust Pan Broom - Brown (SHR-IMP2601)
O Cedar Large Angle Broom (SHR-OCED64006)
O Cedar Maxi Angler Flagged Broom w/Handle (SHR-OCED91351)
Libman Commercial Angle Brooms, 6 Brooms (LIB-00994)
Libman Large Precision Angle Broom (LIB-00205)
Libman Large Precision Angle Broom W/ 10" Dustpan (LIB-00248)
Libman Lobby Broom & Dust Pan with Open Lid, 2 Brooms, 2 Pans (LIB-00919)
Libman Lobby Broom (LIB-00915)
Libman Precision Angle Brooms, 6 Brooms (LIB-00201)
Libman Precision Angle Broom W/ 10" Dustpan (LIB-00206)
Libman Wide Commercial Angle Broom, 6 Brooms (LIB-00997)
Genuine Joe Lobby Dust Pan Combo Kit, 2-Way Handle, Black (GJO02407)
Genuine Joe Lobby Dust Pan Broom, Plastic, Black (GJO02408)
Genuine Joe Angle Broom, High Performance Bristles, 12-1/2" W, Yellow (GJO09570)
Genuine Joe Angle Broom, High Performance Bristles, 9" W, Yellow (GJO58562)
Rubbermaid Commercial Lobby Pro Synthetic-Fill Broom, 37 1/2-in Handle, Black (RCP 2536)