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Replacement Blades

There is nothing quite like a nice new sharp blade to replace an old dull one that requires more of your time and effort to get the job done. A new sharp replacement blade is actually much safer than a dull one since the user will not have to press harder to cut and risk fairly serious injury. Moreover, having additional sets of replacement blades on hand when you need them will undoubtedly save you time and aggravation in the end. Fortunately for the consumer, offers all the replacement blades for any kind of scraper, utility knife or tool. also recognizes that a quality product makes all the difference which is why we only sell high-quality, brand name replacement blades, such as X-Acto and Stanley, but at incredibly low, wholesale prices. These high standards set us apart from other online superstores that sell tools like these! So whether you are in the market for a carpet knife or replacement blades on rotary trimmers, we have the quality products you need at cut-rate pricing you’ll appreciate.

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Cosco Easycut Self Retracting Cutter Blades, 10/Pack (COS091509)
Stanley Wall Mount Utility Knife Blade Dispenser w/Blades, 100/Pack (BOS11921A)
Cosco Heavy-Duty Utility Knife Blades, 10/Pack (COS091470)
Cosco Snap Blade Utility Knife Replacement Blades, 10/Pack (COS091471)
Cosco QuickPoint Snap-Off Straight Handle Retractable Knife Replacement Blade, 10/Pack (COS091473)
X-acto #11 Blades for X-Acto Knives, 5/Pack (EPIX211)
X-acto #16 Bulk Pack Blades for X-Acto Knives, 100/Box (EPIX616)
X-acto SurGrip Utility Knife Blades, 100/Pack (EPIX692)
X-acto #2 Bulk Pack Blades for X-Acto Knives, 100/Box (EPIX602)
Fiskars SureCut Replacement Rotary Blade, Style S, 2/Pack (FSK01005590)
X-acto Replacement Blade for Free Form Cutting Tool & Rotary Trimmers (EPI26520)
Fiskars Replacement Steel Blade Carriage for 12" Portable Trimmer, 2/Pack (FSK1968701001)
X-acto #11 Bulk Pack Blades for X-Acto Knives, 500/Box (EPIX511)
X-acto #11 Bulk Pack Blades for X-Acto Knives, 100/Box (EPIX611)
Fellowes SafeCut Rotary Trimmer Blade Kit, Straight, 2/Pack (FEL5411404)
Fiskars 12" Cut Bar (FSK1966001001)
Swingline SmartCut EasyBlade Plus Trimmer Replacement Cartridge (SWI8913RB)
Unger Replacement Blade for Heavy Duty Scraper, Carbon Steel, 10/Pack (UNGHDSB)
Cosco Jiffi-Cutter Utility Knife Blades, 100/Box (COS091461)
Cosco Strap/Band Cutter Replacement Blade, 12/Pack (COS091483)
X-acto #11 Nonrefillable Blade Dispenser, 15/Pack (EPIX411)
Sheffield Single Edge Safety Blades for Standard Safety Scrapers, 10/Pack (GNS12854)
Unger Replacement Blades for Short Handle 4" Scraper, 10/Pack (UNGRB10C)
X-acto Z Series #11 Replacement Blades, 5 per Pack (EPIXZ211)
Unger Safety Scraper Replacement Blades, #9, Stainless Steel (UNGSRB10)
Stanley Tools Sheepsfoot Rotating-Blade Pocket-Knife Replacement Blades (BOS11040)
Stanley Tools Standard Rotating-Blade Pocket-Knife Replacement Blades (BOS11041)
Stanley Tools Whittling Craft Knife Blade (BOS11111A)
Stanley Tools Single-Edge Razor Blades, #9 Blade (BOS11515)
Stanley Tools Carpet Knife Blade (BOS11530)
Stanley Tools Regular-Duty Utility-Knife Blades (BOS11911A)
Stanley Tools 1992 Heavy-Duty Utility-Knife Blades (BOS11921B)
Stanley Tools Extra Heavy-Duty Utility-Knife Blade, Bulk (BOS11931A)
Stanley Tools Extra Heavy-Duty Utility-Knife Blade, Bulk (BOS11931D)
Stanley Tools 1996 Hook Blade, With Dispenser (BOS11961A)
Stanley Tools Large Hook Blade (BOS11983)
Stanley Tools Rounded-Point Utility-Knife Blades (BOS11987)
Stanley Tools Rounded-Point Utility-Knife Blades (BOS11988)
Irwin Utility Knife, Carbon Blade (IRW2083200)
Irwin Replacement Utility Knife Blades (IRW2084300)
Irwin Bi-Metal Utility Blades (IRW2084400)
Red Devil Single-Edge Razor Blades (RDL3272)
Sparco Snap-Off Knife Blade Refill, 3-1/4" Cut, 3/PK, Silver (SPR01471)
Sparco Single Edge Replacement Blades, 5/PK, Silver (SPR01485)
Sparco Utility Knife Refill Cartridge, Snap-Off Blades, 6/PK, SR (SPR01721)
Sparco Replacement Razor Blades, Single-Edge, 100/BX, Silver (SPR11820)
Sparco Replacement Blades, F/ Utility Knife, 5/PK, Silver (SPR15853)
Westcott Titanium Rotary Trimmer Replacement Straight Blade (ACM15263)
Stanley Tools Quick-Point Blade, 9mm, 3/Pack (BOS11300)