Natural Fiber Corn Brooms


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Corn Brooms Wholesale - the online janitorial supplies superstore offers a wide selection of Mops, Brooms, Brushes and Dusters, Brooms and Accessories, and Natural Fiber Corn Brooms, all at low, wholesale prices. Each and every one of our natural corn and straw brooms come with 100% natural corn or straw broom fibers, enabling the user to move dirt more effectively, compared to any other natural and synthetic fibers. Each of our quality brooms provide a wide sweeping surface, perfect for larger cleanings, yet still maintaining the ability to sweep with great accuracy, due to their precision cut edges. Perfect for abrasive surfaces and rough environments, our durable natural fiber corn brooms are the ideal sweeping tool for any outdoor sweeping application, including concrete and asphalt. Unlike other synthetic materials, each and every one of our natural fiber corn and straw brooms come with an unmatched degree of durability, meaning it will never degrade when wet. Available for purchase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our online janitorial and cleaning supplies superstore. All of our natural fiber corn and straw brooms are built to last. Purchase any number of our wide assortment of high-quality, Mops, Brooms, Brushes, and Dusters, including our Brooms and Accessories, as well as our wide array of Natural Fiber Corn Brooms.

Child Categories


Corn Lobby/Toy Broom - 12 per case (UNS951TCT)
Corn Whisk Broom - 12 brooms per case (UNS 951WC)
Mixed Fiber Maid Broom, 12/Carton (UNS920YCT)
Parlor Broom with Corn Bristle Fibers, 12 Brooms (UNS926CCT)
Parlor Broom, Yucca/Corn Bristle Fiber (UNS926YCT)
Yucca/Corn Warehouse Broom, 12 Brooms (UNS932YCT)
Warehouse Broom, Corn Bristle Fiber, 12/Carton (UNS932CCT)
O Cedar 100% Corn Toy Broom (SHR-OCED62026)
Libman Janitor Corn Broom (LIB-00502)
Unisan Whisk Broom, Corn Fiber Bristles, 10" Wood Handle, Yellow (UNS951WC)
Genuine Joe Janitor Broom, Corn Fiber, 11"W, 58"Handle, Natural (GJO58561)
Genuine Joe Lobby Blend Broom, 11" W, 56" Handle, Natural (GJO58563)
Zephyr Manufacturing Mixed Fiber Maids Broom - 18 Lb 3 Rows Of Stitching (12/1), 12/Case (FOR-7075)
Zephyr Manufacturing 13" Angle Broom, 6 Brooms per Case (FOR-7079)
Zephyr Manufacturing 30" Lobby Theater Broom - 30"/Broom Corn (12/1), 12/Case (FOR-7081)
Zephyr Manufacturing Mixed Fiber Janitor Broom - 30 Lb 5 Rows Of Stitching (6/1), 6/Case (FOR-7076)