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Here at we understand the importance of transporting large amounts of heavy items conveniently and safely, that's why we offer a large selection of dollies and hand trucks that are ideal for any industrial or commercial business setting. Perfect for transporting supplies or equipment in any commercial setting, our line of high quality hand trucks is sure to please. For settings where adaptability is key, our convertible hand trucks provide the option to carry loads upright or lay the truck down on 4 wheels for transporting heavier cargo. Many of our hand trucks fold down for easy storing in tight places. We also offer a collection of platform trucks by brands you trust including Rubbermaid and Safco with hauling capacities ranging from 250 to 900 lbs so you're sure to find what you need to complete any job. Our line of durable Rubbermaid dollies will help you transport trash cans and other containers with ease and efficiency. All of these quality dollies and hand trucks are available at low, wholesale prices with fast, reliable shipping so start shopping and save time and money today!

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Rubbermaid Brute Trash Can Tandem Dolly, Black (RCP 2646 BLA)
Rubbermaid Home and Office Cart, Utility Duty, Black (RCP 4400 BLA)
Rubbermaid Home and Office Carts, Standard Duty, Black (RCP 4401 BLA)
Rubbermaid Universal Drum Dolly, Black (RCP 2650 BLA)
Rubbermaid Ice Tote with Bin Hook Adapter, Black (RCP 9F55 BLA)
Advantus Multi Cart 8-in-1 Equipment Cart, 500lb Capacity, 18 x 33-1/2 x 42-1/2, Black (AVT86201)
Deflect-o Platform Cart, 300-lb Capacity, 33"d x 21"w x 37"h, Black (DEFCRT530004)
Deflect-o Platform Cart, 500lb Capacity, 20-9/10w x 32-5/8d x 9h, Black (DEFCRT550004)
Safco Stow-Away Heavy Duty Hand Truck, 500lb Capacity, 23w x 24d x 50h, Aluminum (SAF4055NC)
Safco Stow-Away Medium Hand Truck, 275lb Capacity, 19w x 17 3/4d x 38 3/4h, Aluminum (SAF4062)
Safco Tuff Truck Economy Truck, 400lb Capacity, 16 x 16-1/4 x 51-1/2, Black Enamel (SAF4071)
Safco 3-Way Convertible Hand Truck Cart, 500-600lb Cap, 20-1/4 x 48, Aluminum/Red (SAF4074)
Safco FoldAway Platform Trucks, 700lb, 18 1/2 x 29 1/4 x 28 3/4, Tropic Sand/Brown (SAF4077)
Safco Two-Way Convertible Hand Truck, 500-600lb Capacity, 18w x 51h, Red (SAF4086R)
Safco Two-Wheel Steel Hand Truck, 300lb Capacity, 18 x 44, Red (SAF4081R)
Safco Two-Wheel Steel Hand Truck, 500lb Capacity, 18w x 47h, Red (SAF4084R)
Safco StowAway Polyethylene Dolly Cart, 220 lb Capacity, 16w x 24d x 4-5/8h, Black (SAF4045BL)
Rubbermaid Brute Round Twist On/Off Dolly, 250 lb Capacity, 18dia x 6 5/8h, Black (RCP264000BK)
Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Platform Truck Cart, 1000lb Capacity, 24 x 48 Platform, Black (RCP443600BK)
Rubbermaid Two Shelf Convertible Utility Cart, 23-3/4w x 45-1/4d x 43-3/4h, Black (RCP430000BK)
Safco Stow-Away Medium Hand Truck, 275lb Capacity, 19-1/2w x 22d x 43h, Aluminum (SAF4052)
Safco FoldAway Platform Trucks, 900lb, 24w x 34d x 10-36h, Tropic Sand/Brown (SAF4078)
Safco Two-Way Convertible Hand Truck, 300-400lb Capacity, 18w x 51h, Red (SAF4087R)
Rubbermaid Utility-Duty Home/Office Cart, 250 lb Capacity, Black (RCP440000)
Safco Stow & Go Cart, 110lb Capacity, 15-1/4w x 16d x 39h, Aluminum (SAF4049)
Safco Hide-Away Convertible Truck, 400lb Capacity, 15-1/2w x 43d x 36h, Aluminum (SAF4050)
Safco Stow-Away Platform Truck, 900lb Capacity, 24 x 35-1/4, Aluminum/Black (SAF4053NC)
Stebco Portable Slide-Flat Cart, 275lbs, 18 3/4 x 19 x 40, Black/Chrome (STB390009CHR)
Rubbermaid Brute Quiet Dolly, 250 lb Capacity, 18 1/4" dia. x 6 5/8h, Black (RCP264043BLA)
Safco Hide-Away Aluminum Hand Truck, 250lb Capacity, 15-1/2w x 16-1/ 2d x 43-1/2h (SAF4061)
Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Dolly 32/44gal, 300lb Capacity, Black (RCP2640BLK)
Rubbermaid Brute Tandem Two-Container Dolly, 300 lb Capacity, Black (RCP264600BLA)
Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Container Universal Drum Dolly, 500 lbs, Black (RCP2650BLA)
Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Container Square Dolly, 300 lbs, Black (RCP3530)
Milwaukee D-Handle Hand Truck, 10" Pneumatic Tires (MWK30019)
Milwaukee Heavy-Duty Hand Truck, P Handle, Solid Rubber Wheels (MWK33045)
Harper MG Series Medical Gas Cylinder Truck (HRPMG470C40)