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Boardwalk Food Service Products

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Boardwalk Dome Lid for Paper Hot Cups, 1,000 Lids (BWK 10-20DOMELID)
Boardwalk 20-oz. Paper Hot Cups, 500 Cups (BWK 20HOTCUP)
Boardwalk 10-oz. Paper Hot Cups, 1,000 Cups (BWK 10SQHOTCUP)
Boardwalk Tear Tab Lid for Paper Hot Cups, 1,000 Lids (BWK 10-20TABLID)
Unwrapped Straws, Cocktail Straws, 6,000 straws, Red (BWK 8PS)
Wrapped Jumbo Flex-Straws, White, 9,600 Straws (BWK 381)
Wrapped Jumbo Straws, 7-3/4in Length, Translucent, 12,000 Straws (BWK 2851T)
Boardwalk 20oz Plastic Flat Lids, 1,020 Lids (BWK YLP-20C)