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Hair & Body Shampoo

All-in-one hair and body shampoo is the ultimate in convenience and affordability. Our hair and body shampoo get the whole body – literally top to bottom - fresh and squeaky clean in one quick application, saving you time, money, and the aggravation of juggling too many products in the bathroom. Think about it, what is the major difference in shampoo verses body wash? Nothing. They both get hair and skin soft and clean. Total body cleansing is the smart choice for spas, hospitals, nursing homes, fitness and recreational clubs, swim clubs, even in homes, basically anywhere that showering takes place. Having only one cleansing product also makes the shower stalls appear sanitary and neat by not having multiple messy bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash everywhere; therefore, allowing the replenishment of only one bottle much easier to upkeep. carries all of the hair and body shampoo trusted brand names that are tantamount with personal hygiene such as Dial and Gojo, the makers of Purell, at unbeatable prices., also synonymous with clean, not only janitorial supplies but for getting all things (and beings) clean.

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BODY SPA Hair and Body Shampoo, 1 Gallon (BOD-01MN)
BODY SPA Hair and Body Shampoo, 4 Gallons (BOD-14MN)
BODY SPA Hair and Body Shampoo, 2 - 2.5 Gallon Bottles (BOD-25MN)
BODY SPA Hair and Body Shampoo, 5 Gallon Pail (BOD-05MN)
Dial Hair & Body Shampoo, 4 Bottles (DIA 03986)
Gojo Flat-Top Gallon Dispenser, Taupe (GOJ 1275)
Gojo FMX-12 Luxury Foam Hair & Body Wash, 3 - 1250-ml Refills (GOJ516303CT)
Gojo FMX-20 Luxury Foaming Hair & Body Wash, 2 - 2000-ml Refill (GOJ 5263-02)
Gojo NXT Spa Bath Body & Hair Shampoo, 4 - 2000-ml Refills (GOJ 2252)
Gojo Pro2000 Shower Up Soap & Shampoo, 4 Refills (GOJ 7230)
Gojo Spa Bath Body & Hair Shampoo, 12, 800-ml Refills (GOJ 9152-12)
Gojo Spa Body & Hair Shampoo, 4 Containers per Case, Gallon Container (GOJ 9155)
Provon FMX-12 Foaming Hair & Body Wash, 3 - 1250-ml Refills (GOJ 5187-03)
Dial Breck White Marble Conditioning Shampoo, 288 Bottles (DIA 13190-71)
Advantage Tidywash Hair & Body Wash (SHR-ADV7805)
TidyFoam Hair & Body Shampoo (SHR-ADV7805F)
Dial Body & Hair Shampoo - Liter (SHR-DIA04029)
Professional Choice Soft & Sudsy Hair/Body Shampoo 800-ml Refills (SHR-PCSSS800)
Enriched Lotion Foaming Hair & Body Shampoo, 3 - 1300-ml (TEC 3486575)
Simoniz Body Wash & Shampoo, 4 Bottles (SIM-CS0325004)
Simoniz Body Wash & Shampoo, 5 Gallon Pail (SIM-CS0325005)
Simoniz Cool Blue Foaming Hand Soap & Body Shampoo, 4 Bottles (SIM-C0664004)
Dial Body & Hair Shampoo, Peach Scent, Clear Amber, 8 Refills (DIA 04029)