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Clorox Brand Products - the leading cleaning product manufacturer nationwide, offers a wide assortment of exceptional, industry leading cleaning products, all at affordable, low-cost prices from Known the world over as the foremost producer of cleaning supplies and products, Clorox products the foremost name household supplies for residential homes, as well as a leading provider of cleaning products for both commercial and industrial environments. What is Clorox? The Clorox Company offers a large assortment of top brand products that are guaranteed to provide top results. Offering a variety of Clorox Cleaners, Clorox with Bleach, Clorox Pine-Sol disinfectants, Clorox Pine-Sol deodorizers, Clorox disinfecting sprays, and Clorox wipes. Simply put, Clorox offers everything needed to ensure a clean and fresh environment. Servicing a large contingent of professional, commercial, industrial and residential customers all across the country, Clorox ensures that you can handles whatever life throws at you. As each and every one of their products deliver the very best cleaning products on the market. Due to their quick, and effective cleaning solutions, Clorox cleaning products provide exceptional results to all of their customers. No matter if you are a cleaning service, an institution, government facility, or just a residential homeowner, Clorox has a product to fit your needs.  We here at provide a line of quality Clorox cleaning products that are an ideal fit for any residential, business, or industrial application. Click or call to save on any of our exceptional Clorox products from - the cleaning supplies specialists.

Along with, The Clorox Company has a simple mission; to ensure their products and brands will always contribute to quality, professional results, throughout each and every use. The Clorox Corporation offers top products that deliver on with each use that core users have come to trust, as well as partnering within the cleaning industry to reach out to new customer bases. Always focused on the customer in every phase of what they do, as well as in all environments and professional arenas, Clorox provides exceptional products at low, affordable prices through nationwide. Regardless if you are a cleaning operation, school, hospital, government facility, or just a residential homeowner, Clorox has a product to match your needs. Their goal, in conjunction with, is to to ensure their products deliver quality, professional results, each and every time. Clorox commitment to their loyal customers includes many factors that ensure quality results. From new, progressive and inspiring products, to customer tailored usability through partnerships throughout the cleaning industry, when it comes to Clorox, there is something for everyone. Clorox quality cleaning supplies provide simple, and powerful cleaning results to all of it's residential, industrial and commercial customers. Call or click anytime to save on a wide assortment of high quality Clorox Brand Products from - the wholesale cleaning products superstore.

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Clorox Bleach Pen Gel, 12 Bleach Pens (CLO 04690)
Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner with Bleach, 4 - 1 Gallon Bottles (CLO 35420)
Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner with Bleach, 9 - 32-oz. Spray Bottles (CLO 35417)
Clorox Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner, 6 Bottles (CLO00457CT)
Clorox Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner, 12 Spray Bottles (CLO00456CT)
Clorox 30-oz. Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner, 9 Spray Bottles (CLO 16930)
Clorox Green Works Bathroom Cleaner, 12 Trigger Spray Bottles (CLO00452CT)
Clorox Green Works Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner, 6 /64oz Bottles (CLO00460CT)
Clorox Green Works Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 12 Bottles (CLO00451CT)
Clorox Fresh Scent Disinfectant Wipes, 12 Canisters (CLO 01593)
Clorox Fresh Scent Disinfecting Wipes, 6 Canisters (CLO 15949)
Clorox Disinfectant Wipes, Lavender Scent, 12 Canisters (CLO01654CT)
Clorox Disinfectant Wipes, Lavender Fresh , 6 - 75 Count Canisters (CLO 01761)
Clorox Disinfectant Wipes, Citrus Fresh Scent, 12-35 Count Canisters (CLO 01594)
Clorox Disinfectant Wipes, Lemon Fresh Scent, 6 Canisters (CLO 15948)
Formula 409 Cleaner Degreaser/Disinfectant, 4 Bottles (CLO 35300)
Formula 409 Cleaner Degreaser/Disinfectant, 12 Trigger Spray Bottles (CLO 35306)
Formula 409 Glass & Surface Cleaner, 4 - 1 Gallon Refills (CLO 03107)
Formula 409 Glass & Surface Cleaner, 9 Bottles (CLO 35293)
Formula 409 Heavy-Duty Degreaser/Disinfectant, 4 - 1 Gallon Bottles (CLO 00014)
Formula 409 Heavy-Duty Degreaser Disinfectant, 9, 32oz Spray Bottles (CLO 35296)
30 Gallon Black Drawstring Garbage Bags, 30x36, 1.1mil, 90 Bags (CLO 70313)
Glad ForceFlex 13-Gallon Drawstring Tall Kitchen Bags, 100 Bags (CLO 70427)
Clorox Green Works Natural Dishwashing Liquid, 8 - 38-oz. Bottles (CLO30381CT)
Clorox Green Works Natural Dishwashing Liquid, 4 Gallon Bottles (CLO30388CT)
Hand Sanitizing Spray Dispenser, White/Blue (CLO01752CT)
Clorox Hand Sanitizing Spray, 12 Bottles (CLO02176CT)
Clorox Hand Sanitizing Spray, 24 Bottles (CLO 02174)
Hand Sanitizing Spray Refill, 6 Refills per Case, 1000-ml Refill (CLO01753CT)
Liquid-Plumr Heavy-Duty Clog Remover, 6 - 80-oz. Bottles (CLO 35286)
Pine-Sol Lemon Fresh All-Purpose Cleaner, 3 Bottles (CLO 35419)
Pine-Sol All-Purpose Cleaner, Orange Energy Scent, 3 Bottles (CLO 41772)
Pine-Sol Cleaner Disinfectant Deodorizer, Pine Scent, 6 Bottles (CLO 41773)
Pine-Sol Clean Scent Disinfectant & Deodorizer, 3 - 144-oz. Bottles (CLO 35418)
S.O.S Heavy-Duty Scrubber Sponges, 24 Sponges (CLO 91029)
S.O.S Steel Wool Soap Pads, 180 Pads (CLO 88320)
Tilex Instant Mildew Remover, 12 - 16-oz. Spray Bottles (CLO 01100)
Tilex Instant Mildew Remover Refills, 4 - 1 Gallons (CLO 35605)
Tilex Instant Mildew Remover, 9 - 32-oz. Spray Bottles (CLO 35600)
Tilex Mildew Root Penetrator & Remover,  9 Spray Bottles (CLO 00263)
Tilex Soap Scum Remover, 12 - 16-oz Trigger Sprayer Bottles (CLO 01126)
Tilex Soap Scum Remover, 9 - 32-oz. Bottles (CLO 35604)
Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 12 Bottles (CLO 00031)
Clorox Germicidal Bleach, 3/121oz Bottles (CLO 30966)
Clorox Tough Stain Remover Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 12 Bottles (CLO 00275)
Clorox Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser,  (CLO30242CT)
Clorox Touchless Hand Sanitizer Refill (CLO30243CT)
Green Works Wipes 62-ct Canisters (CLO30380CT)
Clorox Green Works Liquid Laundry Detergent, 4 Bottles (CLO30319CT)
Clorox Germicidal Wipes, 6 Canisters (CLO35309CT)
Clorox Germicidal Wipes, 2 Containers (CLO30358CT)
Clorox Germicidal Wipes, 2 Refill Packs (CLO30359CT)
Clorox Pro Quaternary All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner, 2 Bottles (CLO 30423)
Clorox 2 Stain Fighter Pen, 12 Pens (CLO 30597)
Pine-Sol Lavender Scent Multi-Surface Cleaner Deodorizer, 8 Bottles (CLO 40272)
GladWare Entree Containers  - 24 oz Soup & Salad, 30 per Case (CLO 60796)
Clorox Dispatch Hospital Cleaner Disinfectant w/Bleach, 32oz Bottle (CLO 68832)
Clorox Dispatch Hospital Cleaner Disinfectant w/Bleach, 32oz, 6/Case (CLO 68970)
Clorox Dispatch Hospital Disinfectant w/ Bleach, 4 Bottles (CLO 68978)
GladWare Entree Containers  - Deep Dish 18 Containers per Case (CLO 70045)
GladWare Entree Containers  - 4 oz Mini-Round, 96 per Case (CLO 70240)
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Fresh Scent, 2 Refill Packs (CLO30220CT)
Clorox Germicidal Wipes, 6 Canisters (CLO30577CT)
Clorox Bleach Cream Cleanser, 8 - 32-oz. Bottles (CLO 30613)
Tilex Tile & Grout Pen, 12 Pens (CLO 30630)
Clorox 2 Laundry Stain Remover, 12 - 22-oz. Spray Bottles (CLO 30637)
Clorox Broad Spectrum Disinfectant Cleaner, 9 - 32-oz. Spray Bottles (CLO 30649)
Clorox Broad Spectrum Disinfectant Cleaner, 4 - 128-oz. Refill (CLO 30651)
Clorox Green Works Oxi Stain Remover, 6 Tubs (CLO30669CT)
Clorox Citrace Hospital Germicide, 12 Aerosol Cans (CLO 49100)
Clorox Healthcare Bleach Germicidal Cleaner, 22oz Spray Bottle (CLO68967CT)
Clorox Dispatch Hospital Cleaner Disinfectant, 6 - 64-oz. Bottles (CLO 68973)
Clorox Dispatch Hospital Disinfectant Towels, 300 Towels (CLO 69101)
Clorox Dispatch Hospital Disinfectant Towels w/ Bleach, 1200 Towels (CLO 69150)
Clorox Dispatch Hospital Disinfectant Towels w/ Bleach - 720 Towels (CLO 69260)
Glad Forceflex 13 Gallon Odorshield Kitchen Trash Bags, 204 Bags (CLO 70320)
Glad Odor Shield 13 Gallon Drawstring Kitchen Trash Bags, 240 Bags (CLO 78361)
Pine-Sol All-Purpose Cleaner, Lavender Scent, 3 - 144-oz Bottles (CLO 97301)
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to Go, 24 Packs (CLO 01665)
Clorox Lemon Scent Disinfecting Wipes, 12 Canisters (CLO01594CT)
Clorox Germicidal Wipes, One Canister (CLO35309)
Clorox Anywhere Sanitizing Spray, EPA-Approved, 12 Bottles (CLO01698CT)
Clorox Germicidal Wipes, One Canister, 150 Wipes (CLO30577)