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The last thing you want is a less than pleasant scent coming from a urinal to greet guests and clients. A urinal mat is a small detail that makes a huge difference in a bathroom environment and CleanItSupply.com carries an extensive selection of urinal screens and mats, priced affordably for any budget. A high quality urinal screen will not only deodorize, but also effectively block debris and protect your drains with every flush. We offer a whole host of urinal pads and mats for restrooms in your office, corporate building, restaurant or school. Our online store stocks some of the most trusted name brands, including Big D Industries, Fresh Products, Hospeco and more. Our store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can ensure that your janitorial staff has these urinal cleaning supplies in stock at all times.

Urinals can be a breeding ground for germs and unpleasant odors, and urinal mats can help keep that under control. Avoid the potential health risks that can come from an unmaintained urinal by stocking up on these important urinal supplies. Whether you are looking for a non-splash design or an environmentally friendly screen with water soluble packaging, we have what you need at a price that will fit any budget. Choose from an assortment of scents, including: green apple, cherry, mint, bubble gum, cucumber, mango and more. Our entire stock of urinal mats come in bulk quantities so you can be sure to have them on hand when replacements are needed. Keeping restrooms clean and fresh is not an easy job, but we provide the best supplies around to help keep your bathrooms sanitary and odor-free for your visitors, customers and employees.

Have a question about our selection of janitors supply? Just call our toll free number or click to chat live with one of our knowledgeable customer service associates. Shop our sanitary maintenance supplies today and experience savings that only CleanItSupply.com can offer. Click or call to shop and save!

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Hospeco Chloroscent Urinal Screen, Light Bleach, 12 Screens (HOS 01664)
Disposable Washroom Floor Mats for Toilet, 6 Mats (IMP1550CT)
Eco-Fresh Green Apple Scent, Block & Screen, 12 Screens (FRS 12-SANI)
Non-Para Extra-Duty Urinal Screens, Evergreen Scent, 12 Screens (BGD 660)
Krystal Non-Para Green Apple Urinal Screen, 12 Screens (KRY NUS)
Krystal Cherry Scented Urinal Screens, 12 Screens (KRY 1001)
Krystal Blue Bubblegum Fragrance Urinal Screens, 12 Screens (KRY 1002)
Impact Deluxe Blue Urinal Screen, Bubblegum Scent(SHR-IMP1402)
Impact Cherry Deodorizing Urinal Screens Each (SHR-IMP1451EA)
Non-Para Urinal Screen & Block, Citrus Scent, 12 Screens (SHR-PCNPSB-CIT)
Impact Urinal Washroom Mat, Black, Fresh Scent, 6 Mats (IMP 1525-5)
Disposable Commode Floor Mats, Black, Fresh Blast Scent, 6 Mats (IMP 1550-5)
Z Screen Urinal Screen, Green Orchard Scent, 12 Screens (IMP 1490)
Non-Para Enzymatic Urinal Screen & Blocks, Cherry, 72 Screens (FRS ESAB-CH)
Gem Urinal Screens, Herbal Mint, 12 Screens (KRY EGEM72 HMI)
Gem Urinal Screens, Mango, 12 Screens (KRY EGEM72 MAN)
Gem Urinal Screens, Spiced Apple, 12 Screens (KRY EGEM72 SAP)
Clear Urinal Screens, Mint Scent, 12 Screens (SHR-ADVCL-MINT)
Impact Z-Screen Deodorizing Urinal Screen, Citrus Zest, Orange, 12/Box (IMP1493)
Impact Z-Screen Deodorizing Urinal Screen, Fresh Blast, Smoke, 12/Box (IMP1495)
Impact Disposable Urinal Floor Mat, Nonslip, Green Apple, Gray, 6/CT (IMP1525)
Impact Z-Screen Deodorizing Urinal Screen, Orchard Zing, Green, 12/Box (IMP1490)
Krystal Urinal Screen, Cherry Fragrance, Red, Dozen (KRS1001)
Krystal Non-Para Urinal Screen Block, Green Apple, 12 Screens (KRSNUS)
Unisan Urinal Screen w/Deodorizer Block, 12/Box (UNS03013)
Fresh Eco Fresh Non-Para Enzymatic Block and Screen, Green Apple, 12 (FRS12SANI)
Krystal Gem Urinal Screen, Lasts 30 Days, Orange, Mango Fragrance (KRSEGEM72MAN)
Big D Non-Para Urinal Screen, Lasts 30 Days, White, Evergreen Fragrance (BGD660)
Impact Disposable Urinal Floor Mat, Nonslip, Blk, 6 Mats (IMP15255)
Genuine Joe Deodorizing Z-Mat, Urinal Mat, Black (GJO58330)
Genuine Joe Urinal Screen w/Block, Non-Para, 12/BX, Spice Scent (GJO58332)
Genuine Joe Rim Hanger, 30 Days, 12 per Box, Green Apple Scent, Blue (GJO58334)
Genuine Joe Urinal Screen, Non-Para, 12/BX, Green Apple Scent/Blue (GJO58335)
Genuine Joe Urinal Screen, 30-45 Days, 12/BX, Cherry Scent/White (GJO58336)
Fresh Products Wave 2.0 Urinal Deodorizer Screen, Orange, Mango Fragrance, 10 Screens/Box (FRS3WDS60MAN)
Fresh Products Wave 2.0 Urinal Deodorizer Screen, Red, Spiced Apple Fragrance, 10 Screens/Box (FRS3WDS60SAP)
Health Gards Urinal Screen with Non-Para Block, White/Pink, Cherry, 12 per Carton (HOS01901)
Health Gards Urinal Screen, Red, Cherry, 12 per Carton (HOS03901)
Health Gards Urinal Screen, 7 3/4"w x 6 7/8"h, Blue, Mint, 12/Carton (HOS03904)
Fresh Products Wave 2.0 Urinal Deodorizer Screen, Green, Cucumber Melon Fragrance, 10/Box (FRS3WDS60CME)
Hospital Co. Urinal Screen Oxygenated w/ Bleach Block, Lavender Scent (HOS01664)
Krystal Gem Urinal Screen, Lasts 30 Days, Herbal Mint Fragrance (KRSEGEM72HMI)