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Lexol Leather Cleaner

Lexol Leather Cleaner products are designed to clean and restore leather to its natural beauty and suppleness.  Lexol Leather Cleaners are designed to safely clean the most delicate leather without leaving a residue like saddle soaps and other alkaline cleaners.  When you buy Lexol Leather Care products you can expect a neutral pH cleaner that provides the deepest cleaning action without ever having to worry about drying, discoloring or damaging the leather.  At CleanItSupply.com you can find the best discounts on Lexol Leather Cleaners.

Leather Cleaners by Lexol are stocked and ready to be sold at discount prices to all of our customers.  Lexol Leather Cleaners are available in spray bottles, squeeze bottles and convenient wipes in packets or canisters.  Say goodbye to the old saddle soaps and leather cleaners with harmful waxes and oils that can build up on leather overtime.  Find the neutral leather cleaner you have been looking for by Lexol and keep all your leather looking clean, soft and natural.  Lexol is the professionals choice for leather cleaner and is available at CleanItSupply.com, the cleaning supply company buyers trust.

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Lexol Leather Cleaner 1 Liter Bottle, 12/Case (LEXOL-1112)
Lexol Leather Cleaner 16.9 oz Spray Bottle, 6/Case (LEXOL-1115)
Lexol Leather Cleaner 8 oz Bottle, 6/Case (LEXOL-1108)
Lexol Sponges 2 pk Sponge, 24/Case (LEXOL-1020)
Lexol Leather Cleaner 16.9 oz Spray Bottle, 1/EA (LEXOL-1115-EA)
Lexol Auto Care 3-in-1 Leather Care 10 oz Pump, 1/EA (LEXOL-1071-EA)
Lexol Auto Care 3-in-1 Leather Care, 16-oz. Spray Bottle, 1/EA (LEXOL-1072-EA)
Lexol Sponges 2 pk Sponge, 1/EA (LEXOL-1020-EA)
Lexol Leather Cleaner 30 Gallon Drum (LEXOL-9130)
Lexol Leather Care Kit 16.9 oz, 6/Case (LEXOL-0908)
Lexol Leather Care Kit 8 oz, 6/Case (LEXOL-0907)