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Fan Dispensers & Gel Packs

Scented candles are a great option for adding a pleasant scent to a room; however, there are areas in your house where an open flame just isn’t safe. And while these candles smell great, they simply cover up unpleasant smells rather than absorbing them, so they are no match for those stubborn odors that can linger in some places in your home. understands the need for a clean, fresh smelling environment and we offer a wide range of air freshening options, including gel air fresheners and dispensers at low, wholesale prices.

Fan dispensers and gel packs provide a perfect way to keep your room fresh. If you are looking for a permanent air freshening fixture, our fan dispensers fit the bill and we have a variety of models to choose from. Each model features a fan that enables the scent of your choice to surround the room. With the option for wall mounting, they deliver consistent, subtle fragrance for up to 30 days. Our online store stocks refills for these dispensers in an assortment of fragrances so you can choose your favorite scent.

Gel packs are cost effective, simple options for absorbing odors and releasing a fresh scent into the air and we have them in stock and ready to ship to your door. Packaged in easy to open containers, they are idea for use in vehicles, garages, boats, lockers and bathrooms. Their compact size makes them easy to hide under seats and counters or behind toilets to freshen up problem areas. Best of all, we offer them in bulk quantities at wholesale prices so you can stock up and always have some on hand. As with all of our air freshening options, we give you a variety of scents to choose from.

While providing high quality economical janitorial supplies at low prices is a priority for us, so is offering our customers the best customer service possible. When you call our toll free number or click to chat live through our website, you will instantly be connected with a customer service representative ready to answer any question you may have. All of our employees receive extensive training so that they can speak knowledgeably about the products we offer, including our selection of fan dispensers and air freshening gel packs. But don’t take our word for it; click or call today!

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TimeMist Air Freshener Dispenser, White, Unit Each (TMS 32-1740TM)
Fresh Apple Fragrance Cassette for Portable Dispenser, 6 Cassettes (RCP 9C83-01)
Citrus Breeze Fragrance Cassette for Portable Dispenser, 6/BX (RCP 9C84-01)
Lavender Scent Cassette for Portable Dispenser, 6 Cassettes (RCP 9C87-01)
LemonLime Fragrance Cassette for Portable Dispenser, 6 Cassettes (RCP 9C94-01)
Wintermint Fragrance Cassette for Portable Dispenser, 6 Cassettes (RCP 9C95-01)
Cinnamon Spice Scent Cassette for Portable Dispenser, 6 Cassettes (RCP 9C97-01)
TimeMist Fan Dispenser, Dutch Apple & Spice, 12 Refills (TMS 30-4601TM)
Fragrance Refills for Fan Dispenser, Assortment, 12 per case (TMS 30-4608TM)
Gel Air Freshener Dispenser Cabinet, White (FRS 300)
Gel Air Freshener Dispenser Cabinet W/ Fan, White Each (FRS 313)
TimeMist Matrix Gel Refill, Very Citrus Slice Scent, 12 Gel Refills (TMS 5708)
TimeMist Matrix Gel Refill, Very Cherry Fragrance, 12 Gel Refill (TMS 5717)
Fresh Products Air Freshener, Cherry Fragrance, 12 Containers (FRS 12-4G-CH)
Fresh Products Air Freshener, Citrus Fragrance, 12 Containers (FRS 12-4G-CIT)
Fresh Products Air Freshener, Lemon Fragrance, 12 Containers (FRS 12-4G-LE)
Fresh Products Air Freshener, Springtime Fragrance 12 Containers (FRS 12-4G-ST)
SeBreeze Odor Control, Adjustable Dispenser, Off-White, Each (RCP 5114 CRE)
SeBreeze Odor Control, Portable Fan Air Freshener Dispenser (RCP 9C90 WHI)