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Metered Air Freshener Dispensers

Nothing will send your visitors running for the exits quicker than an unpleasant smelling environment. While nasty odors are a big problem, they are very easily fixed with a reliable air freshener. carries a large selection of metered air freshener dispensers at low wholesale prices with state of the art technology to combat tough odors. Metered dispensers feature programming options that allow you to select timed intervals at which a burst of spray is released to combat tough odors. We offer an assortment of air freshener dispensers available in contemporary designs that will complement any décor. Our online superstore stocks Microburst, TimeMist and SeBreeze dispensers in compact sizes to fit in even the tightest of spaces. From basic models that release fragrance every 15 minutes to the Microburst Duet with flexible programming options that allow you to choose between alternating scents and various intervals, we offer you only the highest quality air freshener options. is the place to shop for items to keep your homes, businesses and restrooms smelling fresh at prices that will fit any budget.

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Rubbermaid 5137 Economy SeBreeze Aerosol Odor Neutralizing Unit (RCP 5137)
TimeMist Model 1000 Metered Aerosol Dispenser, Sandy Beige (TMS 1131)
TimeMist Plus Metered Aerosol Dispenser, White/Gray (TMS 0141 GRA)
Microburst 9000 Economizer Dispenser, Each (TEC 401375)
Microburst 3000 Economizer Metered Dispenser, White, Each (TEC 401442)
TC Microburst Duet Air Freshener Dispenser, White/Grey Pearl (TEC 4870001)
TC Microburst Duet Air Freshener Dispenser, Black/Chrome (TEC 4870055)
Microburst 3000 Dispenser, LCD Display, White, Each (TEC 1793532)
Microburst 9000 Dispenser, LCD Display, White, Each (TEC 1793535)
TC Standard Air Freshener Dispenser, LED Display, White, Each  (TEC 1793538)
TC Standard Air Freshener Dispenser, LCD Display, White, Each  (TEC 1793541)
TimeMist 3000 Clean N' Fresh Scent Starter Kit (TMS 32-6302TMCA)
Rubbermaid Economy SeBreeze Metered Odor Control System, Off White (RCP5137)
Rubbermaid SeBreeze Programmable Odor Neutralizing Unit, Off White (RCP5169)
Genuine Joe Metered Dispenser, 15 Min Setting, 2 C Batteries, White (GJO10440)
Renuzit Adjustable Air Freshener, Beach Breezes, 7.5 oz, 12 Cones, 6 Wall Brackets (DIA 00605)