Why Do Companies Prefer Clear Plastic Bags for Waste Management?

Clear Plastic Bags

Most people don’t know the truth about clear plastic bags. Well, first of all, there are many different types of clear plastic bags including garbage bags, trash bags, clear cellophane bags and plastic bags for waste collection. Getting and using the right size can make a huge difference in effective waste management. The truth is, they should always be chosen to match can or waste container size for maximum efficiency.

Why do many companies prefer to use clear bags, including garbage and trash, for their waste management needs? Well, the clear plastic allows clean-up crews to see what is inside, so bags can be easily sorted for final disposal according to contents. And recyclable materials can be pulled from the trash and put in the right containers. In addition, clear bags do not interfere with room decor, and they do not distract from the clean look wanted for disposal containers. These bags can be ordered in many different densities to securely hold interior contents. The bag tear resistance and load capacity is excellent, making them ideal for use at home, in schools or public buildings, offices or industrial locations.

Another bonus is that the special sealed bottoms are actually designed to prevent a vacuum forming as the trash bags are removed from containers. The plastic used for bag construction is manufactured from high-quality blended resins. These materials were laboratory created to offer superior strength. They have excellent resistance to tearing or puncture holes caused by sharp objects.

Clear bags are packed for easy dispensing from boxes. Rolls are compact for storage, and are coreless with interleaved packing so removing clear plastic bags “one-at-a-time” is effortless. These coreless rolls have perforation between bags to make dispensing a breeze. High-density multipurpose can liners are best for tough loads, sharp objects and difficult transportation conditions. They carry a full load and perform to or above expectations, compared to other high-density liners.

Ordering from a major online supplier of janitorial supplies is the best choice available for obtaining a wide selection of trash can liners in the sizes most wanted, from 4 to 60 gallons. Always order the correct size bag for your trash or garbage containers for the best results and economic advantage. They can be ordered in handy dispensers, boxes or rolls.

Your online supplier of janitorial and cleaning supplies not only carries in-stock supplies of most size clear bags, they also offer excellent pricing and warehouse style discounts on your purchases. You can place your order quickly at the website, or call the helpful customer service representatives. Deliveries are fast and made directly to your business or home location, with no handling problems for large orders.

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