Why Are White Garbage Bags Such a Popular Color?

White Trash Bags

Trash bags come in many different colors including black, clear, green, white, blue and red. Of all of the different colors garbage bags can come in, which one is the most commonly used? Believe it or not, white is the most popular color. Why would white be the most popular color? There are a few reasons.

First of all, white trash bags are the most commonly purchased because they are the most common color in household consumer use garbage bags. For example, Glad garbage bags are commonly made and purchased in white. In addition, Hefty garbage bags are another brand that commonly come in white. These brands, such as Glad and Hefty, differentiate by making white bags for household use and green for outdoor trash can use.

Another reason why white is such a popular color is because they look neat and clean in kitchen, bathroom, or office trash cans because they match all decor and white is a clean, fresh color. The white liners hanging in various trashcans throughout the home or office do not look “industrial” like green or black trash bags do. This is an important reason why white is the most popular color in household garbage bags.

White is also more eco-friendly than the other colors, such as green, black, red, or blue. One reason for this is because white bags do not use black dyes or green or blue colors in the making of the bags. They are also more eco-friendly because without the dark color on the outside of the bag, the white garbage bags are translucent, making it easy to see how much trash is actually in the bag. So, you don’t overuse or under use the garbage bags. In addition, with the semi-see-through white color, you can also see if a recyclable material was put in the wrong garbage can and put such items in the proper container for recycling. White garbage bags are also thinner, using less plastic in production.

White trash bags are a popular color for these reasons and more. They can be purchased online at janitorial supplies websites or at the grocery store or wherever trash bags are sold. Get some today and see for yourself why white is such a popular color!

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