The CleanItSupply Trash Bag Cheat Sheet Guide: Part 3

 Welcome to Part 3 of’s Trash Bag Cheat Sheet Guide. If you’ve read Part 1 of our series on Trash Bags, then you’ve learned about the multiple aspects of picking the right can liner. Additionally, if you’ve read Part 2 of our series, then you’ve learned about the numerous aspects that come with finding the right seal for your trash bag.

In part three of this guide you will receive an expanded take on the benefits of Low Density and High Density Trash Bags.

Low Density Garbage Bags Advantages

Won’t Tear or Puncture
Due to the quality resin that it is constructed of, Low Density Trash Bags are far less likely to be ripped. These can liners are built from material that is both tear and puncture resistant. This allows for confident and easy bag disposal.

The Low Density bag is the ideal choice when looking for a multi-purpose can liner option. These bags are perfect for a variety of tasks. From yard-trimmings, to trash, and everything in between, these reliable bags make cleaning up easy.

Strong, Stretchable, Durable
Providing unrivaled durability, elasticity, and strength, Low Density bags fit almost any circumstance. Able to withstand nearly any pointed object due to its durable construction, these bags also allow for sharp object disposal due to their excellent elasticity.

Bag Thickness
These bags are usually ranging from anywhere between .30 to around 2.0 Mil thickness. This ensures that they always deliver superior stretchable capabilities that also aids in the protection against rips.

High Density Trash Bags

Perfect for Large Loads
High Density Trash Bags are designed for customers who need a bag that can hold a lot of material. These bags are perfect for large capacity loads.

High Molecular Density Resins
Reasonably priced, these High Density bags are constructed of material that allows for affordable pricing and availability.

Larger Capacity vs. Low Density Bags
High Density trash bags are able to hold a larger amount of trash compared to Low Density bags.

Great for Extreme Conditions
These High Density bags provide excellent moisture protection for wet material. Providing temperature resistance, High Density Bags can be subjected to extreme cold and hot conditions without losing their consistency.

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