The CleanItSupply Trash Bag Cheat Sheet Guide: Part 2

 Welcome to Part 2 of’s Trash Bag Cheat Sheet Guide. If you’ve read Part 1 of our series on Trash Bags, then you’ve learned about the multiple aspects of picking the right can liner. Additionally, you learned about the differences between High Density Trash Bags and Low Density Trash Bags.

In part two of this guide you will learn about the diverse variety of Trash Bag Seals that are available for each type of bag. Each trash bag bottom seal offers a variety of quality attributes that allow for easier and more efficient trash disposal.

A Quick Definition of a Star Seal
A Star Seal trash bags is aptly named. Mimicking the 5-pointed form of a star, this quality seal provides exceptional strength. Folded several times over the underside of the trash bag before being sealed, this durable seal is adept at eliminating leaks. Due to it’s design and shape, the Star Seal is also able to fit easier within a trash can.

A Quick Definition of a Flat Seal
Flat Seal trash bags are relatively self-explanatory, at-least on the surface. Providing a straight forward design and conceptualization, these bags are constructed by just sealing the bottom edges of the pre-formed bag. Unlike the star sealed bag which folds it’s plastic multiple times, the flat seal allows for a larger amount of available room for waste. Unfortunately there is a down-side to the Flat Seal design as well. While there is more room, trash bags with this seal tend to leak. The other disadvantage to the flat seal design revolves around it not conforming to the shape of a waste receptacle. This makes these bags difficult to use at times.

A Quick Definition of a Gusset Seal
Potentially the least known by name, the Gusset Seal design is a bit of a composite idea of the first two designs. This trash bag seal uses the flat trash liner design to start. It then takes the underside of the bag, and tucks both sides towards the middle, to create gussets. The exterior of the bag’s edges provide indentations that are sealed with 4 layers of plastic. In contrast, the center of the bag is sealed with 2 layers of material. Unfortunately, while most combinations of previous designs are improvements, this seal may prove to be the exception. As these gusset garbage bags are more likely to leak when wet.

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