Save on Quality Bounty Paper Towels: No Coupon Required

Bounty Paper Towels

In the world of paper towels, the brand name “Bounty” is a giant. Through the years, Bounty paper towels have worked hard to earn their outstanding reputation for toughness and absorbency, and they are able to tackle any cleaning chore. For home, office, industry or commercial use, Bounty absorbent paper towels work longer and stronger, just as promised in any Bounty paper towel commercial seen on TV.

Shop online at your favorite janitorial and cleaning supplies wholesaler for the lowest everyday pricing on Bounty and thousands of other excellent products. There’s no need to clip Bounty paper towel coupons when you shop online, because any discounts are already worked into low wholesale prices. You can save if you order small quantities for home use or extra large bulk quantities for commercial use. No matter what size your order is, you will be treated like a favored customer and get superior customer service plus the cheapest online wholesale prices and prompt order delivery to your door.

New towels from Bounty include Bounty Basic paper towels. This is a less expensive Bounty line that has the same absorbency with less thickness. Bounty Basic is an efficient one-ply paper towel designed to be practical and beautiful, with optional prints that offer contemporary styles and designer colors. It’s a way to add a fresh look to any room and still have this handy helper ready for clean ups anytime. Don’t settle for less than the best when you can add Bounty to your online shopping list!

Bounty is manufactured by Procter and Gamble, and has long been a leader among P&G brands. You can pick up small spills to big messes with ease with “the quicker picker upper.” Cases of Bounty towels come packed with 30 single rolls per case, each with 52 white, 11 by 10.4 inch sized super absorbent sheets per roll.

Professionals that want to know they are getting the best towel at the best price from their online wholesaler prefer Bounty paper towel commercial. Bounty sheets tear off cleanly and even the last one on the roll is as ready for work as the first sheet. They are good at home for cleaning up coffee cup spills, muddy paw prints, refrigerator shelves and hard to reach areas in the kitchen or bathroom. They are soft to the touch but strong to the jobs they are put up to. Clean kitchen counter tops, cabinet doors, ovens, microwaves and ceiling fan blades with tough Bounty Basic paper towels.

For routine jobs in the bathroom, keep a Bounty paper towel roll near the sink for regular wiping of residue and soap scum left behind on tubs and in sinks. You can also use them as a sanitary way to dry hands after washing. Toilet bowls come sparkling clean as do mirrors and windows when Bounty is on the job. For residential or commercial use in kitchens, bathrooms and reception areas, Bounty will easily help the janitorial staff keep appliances, counters, cabinets, glass windows, doors and tabletops clean and free of fingerprints and spills.

Order now from your online wholesaler to get everyday low prices on all your cleaning supplies and janitorial products, including Bounty paper towels, Bounty Basic and other P&G products. It’s the smart way to shop. Shop online and save on quality Bounty paper towels: no coupon required

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