Pine-Sol: A Distinctive Clean

With so many cleaners available, it can be difficult to know which one is best. After all, most cleaners claim to do the same things: to polish and to disinfect. However, just because all cleaners put such claims on their labels does not mean that all cleaners perform the job with equal capability. When looking for a cleaner that stands out from the rest, be sure to consider Pine-Sol Pine Scent Cleaner.

Pine-Sol is a general purpose cleaner that can be mixed with hot water to tackle a full array of cleaning projects at home or in business. The distinctive power of Pine-Sol Disinfectant is in its unique use of pine oil as a cleaning agent. Any given bottle of Pine-Sol will include up to ten percent of pine oil, which gives Pine-Sol an extra added zest during the cleaning process. By using such high quality ingredients, Pine-Sol can get the job done even when other cleaners fail.

Most people choose Pine-Sol for their cleaning needs because of its proven disinfecting power. After all, this sanitizing power means that Pine-Sol is effective at almost any janitorial job. It can be used against grease and grime, easily clearing away messes and leaving surfaces spotless. The power of Pine-Sol does not end with appearance, though. Pine-Sol also disinfects. Applying Pine-Sol can rid a surface of most germs, including those that cause staph and salmonella.

The reasons to use Pine-Sol do not stop there. The pine oil in Pine-Sol is also well known for its distinctive scent. Pine-Sol leaves any space with a fresh, pine scent. This is not only because of the quality of the pine oil used in each bottle but because the cleaner is also a deodorizer. Because of this, Pine-Sol rids a space of odors, ensuring that the only thing that lingers is the refreshing smell of pine.

Pine-Sol is especially useful as a cleaner because it not only cleans and deodorizes but can be used on a variety of surfaces. This versatility includes floors and counters, as well as sinks and appliances. In addition to these common cleaning surfaces, Pine-Sol can also be used on plastics, such as outdoor furniture, for the maximum usability. No matter what surface Pine-Sol is used on, this powerful cleaner can sanitize effectively, making Pine-Sol the ultimate cleaning product.

Over the years, Pine-Sol has become an iconic name in cleaning, remaining popular with consumers around the world. Because of this, most retailers carry Pine-Sol. However, it is also possible to find Pine-Sol at discounted prices by shopping at wholesale dealers. These specialized dealers work hard to offer consumers all the same name brand products but without the high costs of normal retailers.

Overall, Pine-Sol may seem like every other cleaner at first but anyone who has used it understands what makes it so special. From its powerful cleaning capabilities to its distinctive scent, Pine-Sol is a one of a kind option for a full range of cleaning jobs. Therefore, for a clean that stands out, consider Pine-Sol.

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