Superior Clean with Pine-Sol Lavender Scent

For the best clean possible, it is critical to use gather cleaning products. The quality of the cleaning product will largely dictate the effectiveness of the ultimate cleaning project. While there are many such cleaning products available for purchase, there are few that can offer the same scope of cleanliness as Pine-Sol.

Pine-Sol is a line of general purpose cleaners produced by Clorox. The original concept behind Pine-Sol was its specific cleaning formulation, which included up to ten percent pine oil. The pine oil is noted for its powerful cleaning capabilities, providing a deep and thorough clean with every usage. While many people came to appreciate the cleaning prowess of Pine-Sol, not everyone was crazy about its distinctive pine smell. This is why Clorox added another member to it’s expanded line of cleaning products. Adding the Pine-Sol brand to include other fragrances, including Pine-Sol Lavender Scent. In this, Pine-Sol Lavender Scent has the same powerful cleaning capability as the original but leaves the space with a lighter lavender odor for a clean that smells and looks fresh

Pine-Sol is designed to be a multi-purpose cleaner, ideal for a wide range of cleaning projects and surfaces. In order to correctly use Pine-Sol, the formula should be mixed with hot water. A 48 ounce bottle of Pine-Sol Lavender Scent can make up to 72 gallons of cleaner, which gives consumers extra value for the cost.

Specifically, Pine-Sol is designed to clean in multiple ways, including appearance and smell. Pine-Sol Lavender Scent works efficiently as a deodorizer, cleansing surfaces of set in odors that may linger from day to day. In addition to this, Pine-Sol is also noted for providing a spotless, shiny finish, removing marks, scuffs, stains, and other types of dirt and grime. Overall, using Pine-Sol Lavender Scent provides a deep, thorough clean that looks and smells pristine with a fresh lavender scent.

While Pine-Sol is a very useful cleaning agent, it is not designed for all surfaces. In general, Pine-Sol Lavender Scent Deodorizer is best used on nonporous surfaces, which can include a wide range of flooring, counters, appliances and more. To this end, Pine-Sol Lavender Scent is especially effective on no-wax floors and tiles, while also being ideal for walls and counters. In addition to these surfaces, Pine-Sol Lavender Scent can even be used on microwaves, sinks, stoves, deep fryers and more. Because of this, Pine-Sol Lavender Scent is well suited for both domestic and industrial cleaning purposes.

Scented Pine-Sol is available at most major retailers. However, in order to obtain the best deals on cleaning products, it is a good idea to shop wholesale. Many wholesale dealers carry top of the line products such as Pine-Sol but at discounted prices. This way, it is possible to obtain high quality cleaning products without spending too much money.

Overall, Pine-Sol Lavender Scent can be a critical element to any cleaning regimen. It has all the power expected from Pine-Sol with a fresh lavender odor to please any nose. Therefore, in order to clean more effectively, be sure to remember Pine-Sol Lavender Scent for various cleaning needs.

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