Paper Towel Dispensers

Paper Towel Dispenser

Paper towels have become a staple in many modern households. Instead of using dish towels or rags to clean up spills, people instead use paper towels. Having a paper towel dispenser in several rooms of the house allows this product to be available when people need it the most.

The most common room in the house for a paper towel tends to the kitchen. In fact, these dispensers often can be found installed above the kitchen sink or near the cabinets. Having such in the kitchen allow people to wash their hands and then reach for a paper towel on which to dry them. Roll paper towel dispensers also lets individuals take as many towels as needed to clean up a spill or wipe down a counter.

Businesses and schools also use paper towels and, as such, opt to install appropriate paper towel holders for their customers’ and students’ use. In fact, a bathroom in a school or business might feature a c-fold paper towel dispenser to allow people to grab a towel after washing their hands. Other types of dispensers in these locations include a multi-fold paper towel dispenser. These dispensers can also include a stainless paper towel dispenser, which allow a bathroom to maintain a modern and clean look. A bathroom paper towel dispenser makes it easier for people to wash their hands quickly without having to roll a dispenser and then tear off a towel. Such a commercial paper towel dispenser may be fitted over a waste paper basket to encourage people to dispose of their trash properly.

The types of paper towels used in commercial venues differs from those found in homes. Commercial paper towels are often made from a thicker paper and are multi-folded into a rectangular shape to allow them to be fitted in the dispenser. Some roller dispensers in bathrooms feature towels that are wrapped around a middle tube, much as a roll of toilet paper might be. On the other hand, paper towels for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms are finer and may even feature designs on them. In fact, some people prefer their towels to include pictures of flowers, coffee cups, or other home related pictures. Commercial paper towels are often sold through commercial paper contractors, while those used in homes can be found at retailers and vendors that specialize in home products and cleaning items.

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