Busy Moms and a Clean House: an Oxymoron?


Is it possible for busy moms to also keep a clean home?

Any new mom of small children has felt like the weight of the world is on her shoulders at one time or another for many different reasons. Seeing the mess around the house that never seems to end is quite a daunting task for someone whose day is already so full. Just the mere thought of housework can really send some busy young mothers into a tailspin. Yet with a few good tips, smart time management, and the perfect products, having a consistently clean home can be a reality.

The key to getting started is to accept that the home did not get this way in a day so it will not get done in that time frame either. Be patient and know that with an easy-to-follow system, your embarrassing dirty house will again be a gleaming home that welcomes. In only about a half hour a day, you will have a clean home by the end of the month, every month. You can even separate that time into increments of 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening to make it more manageable.

First, be sure that the clutter, toys, and knick-knacks are absolutely wanted and needed. Do not waste your valuable time straightening up items that should be trashed or donated. Be sure to go through one room at a time (over the period of a few days) to give away or throw away and then we can get started on the cleaning aspect.

Now that most items in your home are worth saving and cleaning, we will tackle one section of the home at a time. Of course, you cannot realistically de-clutter your home completely in only a few days so when you go in each room to clean, just take a few extra minutes before the cleaning to either trash or give item items as you go through the room. Soon, when you go to clean this room again, there will only the cleaning to do, not so much de-cluttering. Remember this is an ongoing system. Do not get discouraged. It is also important to get into a routine so that becomes second nature to clean the dinner dishes right after meals and straighten up the bathroom each time you use it. When you keep up with the mess when it happens, it is easier to tackle and will put your mind at ease. With this system of cleaning a little bit as needed on a daily basis for only minutes a day, things will never get out of hand again.

If you separate your home into sections, it will be so much easier to handle.  Each week will be certain sections to work on. For example, week 1 of the month, you may want to work on the kitchen and dining room. Week 2 of the month, clean all of the bathrooms, hallways, and entryway. On the third week of the month, work on all of the bedrooms and the living room. On week 4, the family room, your child’s playroom, home office, and the front porch can all be cleaned. There is no need to follow these exact sections of your home on those particular weeks, but the point is to separate your home into zones to make cleaning it more manageable. A really good website that follows these rules of zone cleaning is FlyLady.net.

Another essential tip is to have the right products on hand for the job. You will want products to do what they say they do in the shortest amount of time possible. You want them reliable, safe, affordable, and if they can perform double-duties, even better. Invest in a few great products and you will always be prepared. Be sure to visit our website here at CleanItSupply.com and check out our vast selection of cleaning products, even environmentally-friendly green cleaning products, available for all budgets. Swiffer products allow you to not only remove dust from surfaces but hold the dirt and dust like a magnet. Just swipe on surfaces and throw away; no cleaning of the cleaning supplies. Swiffer dusters and mops clean hard surfaces and floors. The Swiffer mop system will help save time with pre-moistened cloths; no messy bucket or dirty mop. Just wipe, scrub and throw away. Again, no clean-up of the cleaning supplies. Other cleaning tools that save time are wipes such as Lysol and Clorox Wipes that can clean kitchen counters, toilet surfaces, sinks, toys, and much more in and around your home. You would be amazed at how many surfaces you can make sparkle with Windex! Clean and polish chrome, glass, mirrors, windows, flat-top stoves and other shiny surfaces with this versatile and dependable product.

For additional efficiency, try to get your children to pick up after themselves. Give your youngsters a basket or toy chest and let them throw their toys in there. Kids really enjoy feeling helpful and it gives you a break, too. You can even make it fun for all of you by putting on some music and dancing around while cleaning up. If you have little ones that still nap, you can vacuum when you first put them down before they fall asleep or some moms insist that their child will fall asleep from the lull of the vacuum cleaner.

If you can set aside only 30 short minutes a day, get into the habit of cleaning up right after the mess happens, get your toddlers involved, invest in cleaning products to simplify your routine, then housework will become an easier hurdle to get over and your house will feel like a home again.

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