Lysol Products You Need to Know

Lysol Wipes, one of the many Lysol Products

In order to achieve cleanliness with confidence, it is important to rely on the right tools. While there is a plethora of cleaning products available, there are few with the cleaning strength you need for the toughest jobs. Lysol products are versatile and effective, providing a thorough cleaning that not only looks good but helps eliminate smells and germs as well. To achieve this cleaning prowess, these products utilize one of the strongest chemical formulas.

Lysol has been available since the early 1900s. These products first came to prominence in 1918 during the Spanish flu pandemic. At the time, Lysol products were advertised as a way to kill germs and fend off sickness. In fact, their disinfectant was widely regarded as a smart cleaning solution, often used in bathrooms to help control the spread of germs. Over the years, these products have expanded their scope, seeing various cleaning purposes. After changing companies several times, Lysol products finally became part of the Reckitt Benckiser brand, and continue to be marketed for their powerful cleaning and disinfecting capabilities.

Currently, there is a wide range of Lysol Disinfectant products available for purchase. Some of the most powerful options are all purpose cleaners. All purpose cleaners come in many forms, from concentrate that must be diluted for use to Lysol Disinfectant Spray that can be applied easily for surface jobs. There are even Lysol wipes, which can be especially handy for cleaning on the go. Lysol concentrate is often the most cost effective option, but the convenience of Lysol spray and Lysol wipes make them popular choices as well. These all purpose products see varied uses, including sanitizing kitchen surfaces, doorknobs, toys, and more.

Over the years, Lysol products have also expanded to air cleanliness. There are a number of useful varieties of disinfectant spray that are perfect for neutralizing odors and other airborne germs. This type of disinfectant Lysol spray is very popular in kitchens and bathrooms as a method of not only killing the germs in such areas but getting rid of the sometimes foul smells that can accumulate there as well.

Lysol products are also specially tailored for bathroom cleaning. For toilets, there is toilet bowl cleaner, which effectively kills the germs that flourish in toilet bowls. While some toilet bowl cleaner comes in traditional liquid formulas, there is also Lysol Ready Brush, which is a revolutionary all-in-one toilet cleaner. With Ready Brush, all the cleaner necessary to disinfect a toilet are preloaded into a pad. This pad can simply be attached to a wand and then used to clean the toilet. When finished, it ejects the used pad and can easily be stored until the next cleaning.

With so many cleaning options, Lysol products can easily handle any job. Overall, there are few cleaning products that can guarantee the same level of quality and clean.

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