Kleenex Tissue from Kimberly Clark

Kleenex Facial Tissues

Kleenex Facial Tissues

One name comes to mind predominately whenever anyone requests facial tissue, and that would be the wonder child of the Kimberly Clark Corporation, Kleenex brand tissues. Kleenex has the distinction of being the original facial tissue, known world wide for its excellent quality and performance. It is a brand name that has achieved the ultimate compliment of being known as a generic term for the entire realm of facial tissue products. People ask for a “Kleenex” when they request a tissue for catching a sneeze, cough or for taking care of their runny nose. In actuality, there are many brands, but the Kleenex brand remains number one among many.

Kleenex tissues are superior for helping to prevent germs and the spread of diseases. They are soft, durable and absorbent in addition to being environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Many new varieties of Kleenex tissues are available in decorator boxes to fit any décor, such as their Naturals Boutique Tissues and Boutique Floral Tissues. Regular boxes are designed to fit commercial tissue dispensers that prevent waste by dispensing just one tissue at a time. Kleenex facial tissues are known and loved for their strength to hold up to even the fiercest colds and coughs. New tissues include those that are anti-viral, and tissues that are infused with lotion to help prevent chapping and cutting of skin around sensitive areas of the face.

Kleenex tissue is packaged in sturdy boxes and in several size boxes, including junior size and pocket soft packs. For commercial use, order Kleenex by the case for the maximum savings and discounts. Choose from an online wholesaler’s extensive assortment of cleaning and janitorial supplies, including Kimberly-Clark Kleenex products. Get fastest deliveries from suppliers who carry large in-stock inventories that are ready for immediate shipment to homes, businesses and industry across the country.

Set out a supply of Kleenex facial tissues wherever guests or customers are expected to be present. Protect your staff, customers and visitors with antibacterial tissue products from Kleenex. Use a handy dispenser or select one of their decorator boxes that fit in anywhere. Large sizes are great for commercial restrooms, smaller sizes go well on small chair side tables or on a conference table.

Kleenex products, including facial tissues, are used widely for germ prevention and protection in schools, medical facilities, hospitals, churches, factories, government buildings and residential homes. Customers and clients are happy to see restrooms that are stocked with Kleenex in addition to other expected paper products. Fighting seasonal illnesses and germs is much easier for all when facial tissue is used and then disposed of immediately in the same location.

Order sufficient quantities of tissue for all appropriate rooms in your home or business. Be sure to include Kleenex and Kimberly Clark products with your regular janitorial and cleaning supplies orders. Online orders from industry wholesalers should be shipped promptly to all locations.

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