How to Please Customers With Preference C-Fold Towels

Preference C-fold Towels

Preference C-Fold Paper Towels are a number one choice for use in many public and private buildings. Offices, restaurants, motels, hotels, resorts, medical facilities, nursing homes, schools and government building maintenance departments select high quality Georgia-Pacific C-Fold Towels for guests and residents to use. The reason people like Preference C-Fold Towels is simple: they offer better performance for drying hands.

Germs are transmitted by touch. Clean, dry hands can best combat germ transmission, and this practice is highly recommended by doctors and public health officials. Businesses that wish to please their customers and employees choose high quality, strong Georgia Pacific C-Fold Towels for their restrooms and other wash areas. These paper towels are highly absorbent, with a thicker feel that your customers will notice. For this reason, the number of facilities that select Preference C-Fold Towels has grown dramatically.

Almost as important as their function, is the look of elegance and quality designed into these paper towels. A hollow diamond design is embossed into the towels, and is easy to recognize as a quality mark of excellence. Preference C-Fold Towels are folded into a compact width of 3 5/8″. The Georgia Pacific C-Fold Paper Towels case contains 2,400 towels in 16 packs of 150 towels per pack. This is convenient for maintenance workers to handle by the pack, while the supply cabinet can remain ready with extras by the case.

Be sure to order paper towels along with other janitorial and cleaning supplies from your favorite online wholesaler. This is the best way to solve several problems at once, with one stop shopping. You save time shopping from a full catalog of products, prices are wholesale discounted, customer service is excellent and prompt, toll-free or online ordering is simple, and you get fast delivery to your location.

Pleasing customers is easy when you are able to provide them with high quality restroom paper products like Preference C-Fold Towels. Order custom dispensers that are designed to dispense one towel at a time, as needed, without waste. One towel is all your customer should require when you use Preference C-Fold Paper Towels. They are strong and durable, yet soft and highly absorbent.

Price is always an issue whether you are placing large, warehouse style orders for business and industrial facilities, or just a small quantity order for home use. With online ordering, you have the advantage of selecting from an almost endless catalog of brand name products that are in stock and ready for delivery. There is no need to spend time wandering from store to store, or up and down long warehouse aisles, to find what you want. Customer service representatives are informed and ready to help you find those special cleaning and janitorial products, including Georgia Pacific C-Fold Paper Towels.

Visit your favorite online wholesale supplier of janitorial supplies today to place your order for Preference C-Fold Towels and all the other important supplies that make visiting your business pleasant for customers and employees. Save time, save money, and get the supplies you want delivered promptly to your home or business door.

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