How To Clean Your House

Easy Steps to Cleaning your House

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to spend every Saturday cleaning their house top to bottom, but we all want a clean house. So, for those of us who cannot work a maid service or housekeeper into our budget, what is the best way to clean a house without devoting an entire day to the process?

Not being an expert cleaner myself, I set out to do some research. Most of the websites and mom blogs I checked out seem to be in agreement for the most part. Bathrooms and kitchens are considered “wet rooms” while living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc. are “dry rooms” .

One phrase I came across frequently was, “clean top to bottom, left to right.” Sometimes cleaning tasks can seem overwhelming, so the general idea of this is that you can walk into any room and know where to start. Whether you start with your dry rooms or wet rooms doesn’t much matter. Procrastinators will probably pick their least favorite rooms to do last, while others may just want to get it over with and move on to the easier stuff.

For dry rooms, remember to start at the top. This will prevent you from accidentally pushing dust onto already cleaned lower areas. Knock down cobwebs and dust ceiling fans, light fixtures, picture frames and furniture (starting at the top), tv screens and knickknacks. Moving from left to right will help you keep track of where you have already cleaned and what is still left. If you are in a bedroom, change the sheets, then dust the baseboards and vacuum.

When moving on to the bathroom, start by putting the toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet and let it sit while you tackle the rest of the room. Then start by dusting light fixtures and anything else up high (picture frames, hooks, etc.) Spray counters, tub and sinks. Start with the dirtiest areas so the cleaner has time to soak into the filth and then wipe everything down (remember, left to right). Dust the baseboards and cabinet doors. If, like me, you have young boys, you may want to wipe down the baseboards closest to the toilet with a wet cloth, as dust may not be the issue in those areas. Finish up by wiping the toilet bowl, sweeping and mopping the floor. My bathrooms are not that big, so I like to use a cloth and floor cleaner and do the floors by hand. This helps me get into the disgusting little nooks and crannies that a mop may not be able to reach.

In the kitchen, spray sinks, counters and the stove top, starting with the dirtiest place first, then wipe everything down. Move on to the microwave and cabinet and appliance doors. For extra dirty microwaves with lingering smells, throw some vinegar and water in a bowl (a microwave safe bowl) and cook on high for 3 minutes. The vinegar will eliminate the stubborn odors while the steam softens any gunk clinging to the insides of the microwave. Just wipe the gunk with a rag and move on.

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