How to Clean White Walls

Tips To Keeping Your Walls White

Many homeowners love the look of a fresh, crisp white wall in lieu of bright paint colors or wallpaper. However, the problem with white walls is that every smudge and mark looks much worse against the bright white color. So, what to do when your daily life leaves some smudges and smears or, for those of us with small children, a tiny handprint, on your white walls? I’ll skip the lecture that begins with, “Why in the world would you have anything white in a house with chidren?” and go straight to the solution to the problem.

Step 1: Preparation
It is important to prep the surface by removing any loose dust from the wall before you add moisture. If you have a big cleaning job ahead of you, lay down some old sheets to catch any excess water. Do not use a plastic tarp as it will just become slippery with water, increasing the potential for injury.

Step 2: Technique
When washing walls, drips are impossible to prevent. Avoid these issues by washing your walls from the bottom up. Although you will drip onto already clean areas, a quick wipe with the sponge will fix it easily.

Step 3: Get Started Cleaning
You want to start with the gentlest method possible first, so grab a bucket of water and a soft cloth and gently wipe the offensive markings. If your efforts are not successful, move on to the next suggestion.

Carl Minchew, the director of product development at Benjamain Moore, advises using a solution of water and liquid dish soap with a soft cloth to try and remove the dirt. Let’s hope that this is enough to provide an effective clean-up, but if it is not, you will need to try more aggressive cleaners.

An All Purpose Cleaning Degreaser should provide the power you need to clean up that wall, and it just so happens that carries these items at wholesale prices. But, remember to gently rub the surface as forceful scrubbing may take off some of the paint.

A foam cleaning pad like the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is also recommended by The American Cleaning Institute as another gentle approach to removing stubborn marks and smudges.

Follow these simple instructions and you will be able to keep your white walls looking as crisp and clean as they day you first painted them.

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