How to Clean the Bathroom

For many of us, the bathroom is where we get ourselves for the day ahead or go to clean up at the end of a long, hard day. Regardless of when you use it, we want it to be as clean as possible. Thanks to what we put our bathrooms through during the course of a day, they can also become one of the most disgusting rooms in the house if they are not cleaned at least once a week.

If you spend a few extra minutes rinsing out the tub or shower immediately after use, it will keep soap scum from building up, helping you avoid a monster cleaning task. Make sure to spray water on all of the interior surfaces, or use an after shower mist on all surfaces, including the shower liner. For glass shower doors, keep a squeegee nearby and squeegee the door before stepping out of the shower.

Weekly Cleaning
Using the best rest room care products for your household, you will ensure a clean bathroom throughout the week. Before cleaning anything, spray down the areas you are about to clean with an All Purpose Bathroom Cleaner of your choice.  Allow the cleaner to stand while you work on other areas of the bathroom. This time will allow the cleaner to dissolve soap scum and oils so you won’t have to clean as vigorously. Also, make sure you crack a window if you have one, or keep the door open for ventilation.

An All Purpose Cleaner should be sufficient for cleaning the sink. Cleaners containing bleach will easily remove toothpaste splatters while disinfecting the surface. The same all purpose cleaner will also work on the sink fixtures. Once they have been cleaned, buff them with a fresh cloth to bring out the shine.

I don’t know about you, but this is my least favorite spot to clean in my house, thanks to the two 6-year-old boys that live here, but I do get a great sense of satisfaction when it is clean (for a day). Grab your favorite toilet bowl cleaner and a toilet bowl brush.  If you aren’t already wearing gloves, I recommend putting some on now.  Squirt the cleaner into the bowl and use your brush to clean, getting under the rim and deep into the bottom of the bowl. Don’t flush yet. Let the cleaner sit while you do the rest of the toilet. Close the lid and spray down the outside of the toilet with your all purpose bathroom cleaner. If you choose to wipe it down with a sponge, rinse it often in the sink. Make sure you get the bottom of the toilet where it meets the floor, which is where the really nasty stuff can build up, thanks to the 6-year-old boys in my home. Next step brings you to the toilet seat (top and bottom) and rim, which can be equally gross. Finish up by giving the bowl another good scrub and flush multiple times until it has been thoroughly rinsed.

 Back To The Shower
Once you have allowed your all purpose cleaner to sit, you hopefully will be returning to light duty scrubbing. Get yourself a good scrub brush that you can use for cleaning the cracks and crevices of the tile.  An abrasive pad should make quick work of the shower floor, while a toothbrush (used only for cleaning) can remove buildup from the tub fixtures and faucet. Once you have cleaned all surfaces, rinse them thoroughly. Cleaning the bathroom is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. Follow these simple instructions and you can enjoy a sparkling clean bathroom for at least a short while.

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