Helping You With Holiday Clean Up

We are just 1 short week away from Thanksgiving, and that means, Christmas is closer. As a mom myself, that means one big thing; a mess. Two months of family, cooking, clean up and a mess. Of course it also brings cheer to everyone to have family around and eating all day. But let’s talk about the ways to keep your home clean, fast and easy.

One item I love around mine are easy to reach wipes. Keeping a container of Clorox Wipes on the counter in the kitchen, or next to the bathroom sink are great for spills, messy hands, or even pet marks. Personally, I like the Lemon scented wipes just because they act as a nice air freshener as you clean. These can be used from the counter tops to the floors and everything in between.

You are surely going to need trash bags on call for the next month and a half. Try out the Glad ForceFlex. They have been the best holding bags we have used. No rips and you can stuff them full. If you do have the time, or are a green family, try to use 2 separate bags, one for recycle and one for waste.  Having a few bags already out and ready to go will save your guests from leaving their plates around or asking where to put them.

Last, try to save your sanity and your dishes by picking up some paper or plastic party supply items. Plates, cups, silverware, and even table clothes. You will be amazed at how much time the clean up is by using some of these. Everyone from kids to grandma can appreciate not wanting to break a glass.

We here at hope you and your family have a wonderful (and mess free) Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time with family and friends.


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