For Lasting Durability, Use Leather Protectant

Leather Protectant

Leather Protectant and Leather Protector

Combat the harmful effects of weathering and promote durability of leathers and vinyl with leather protectant  products from Lexol. Lexol manufactures top quality leather protectant for auto care. Use leather protector on dashboards, seats, door panels, consoles, trim and even on tires. These are high tech protectant products that use a professional-grade formula that puts premium quality protection on your leather and vinyl materials.

For lasting durability and enhanced surface treatment, choose new Lexol Auto Care Premium Protectant. Use on vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces. Lexol Premium Protectant uses dual silicon action to penetrate below surface layers of vinyl, rubber and plastic. This allows the nourishing formula to enter and revitalize the materials from underneath the surface layer, adding strength and durability.

Lexol Auto Care leather protectants provide superior protection against weathering elements with DH-60 sunscreen. This blocks harmful UV rays from fading, aging and discoloration effects that are prevalent on exposure materials. You can bring out lustrous original finishes and help prevent cracking and the detrimental effects of aging. Purchase Lexol Auto Care Premium Protectant in 10 ounce bottles, handy packettes, spray bottles, canister dispensers or pump bottles. Wholesale case purchases offer the maximum cost efficiency.

Leathers should be cared for in the same manner as vinyl, rubber and plastic materials. Lexol Auto Care Premium 3-in-1 Leather Care is just the right product to use to ensure that your leathers remain looking their best and performing like new. This is the ideal do-it-yourself solution for tough cleaning of leather surfaces. Get professional grade results with ultra gentle cleaners that easily lift dirt off top layers while enriched conditioners penetrate into lower layers. Lexol Premium 3-in-1 Leather Care leaves leathers feeling rich and supple, renewed. Longevity, strength and durability are prolonged as specially formulated oils do their work, bonding to leather fibers. Clean, condition and protect in one convenient step. Use 10 ounce pump bottle, packettes, spray bottle, canister supply or 6 pack boxes of Lexol.

Ultra soft terry applicator pads are just the right accessory for use with Lexol leather protector products. The premium grade terry pads or sponges fit comfortably in your hand and are packaged by twos, one round and one square per packette. Purchase them individually or in a 24-pack case.

Use Lexol vinyl or leather protectant to accomplish premium, lasting leather protection and vinyl care. Premium protectants have specially formulated formulas that give you an easy way to get professional auto care results wherever they are used. Combat the effects of sun rays, weather and time by keeping your leather or vinyl surfaces nourished and revitalized with high quality Lexol leather protector and vinyl care products.

Purchase Lexol Auto Care Premium Protectant at wholesale discount prices from your favorite online janitorial supplies and cleaning supplies web retailer. Choose from a wide selection of Lexol and other top quality protectants. Your online auto care and other purchases will be quickly delivered to your door at home or at your workplace. It’s the best way to shop and save time and money.

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