Facial Tissue for Germ Prevention

Facial Tissues

Facial Tissues for Germ Prevention

Facial tissues are so popular that one brand name, Kleenex, for many years has been a generic reference term for the entire product class. Rather than telling someone to pick up tissue, the person will frequently just be told to get some Kleenex. This is understandable in view of the popularity of facial tissue for centuries and the predominance of this brand in the marketplace. There are, of course, many other popular manufacturers of this product, such as Puffs, Kimberly-Clark, Georgia-Pacific and Angel Soft. It is a useful sanitary product that also is disposable, thus eliminating many problems encountered with washing out handkerchiefs.

The Kleenex manufacturer, like others, has taken advantage of current trends by offering many new products, including anti-viral tissue and pocket tissues. Anyone who ever has suffered through a cold understands the skin problems that can result from frequent wiping with paper products if those products are not ultra soft and non-abrasive. To combat red and broken sores around the nose, Kleenex, Puffs and other manufacturers produce special soft tissues that contain lotion to help reduce skin irritation. Some of these are so soft and gentle they almost feel like silk on the skin.

Germ prevention is a big health issue, not only for personal sanitary needs, but also in the public setting. Offering tissue dispensers in public restrooms and other locations like kitchens or medical offices are another effective way to help prevent the spread of disease and germs from person to person. Many sizes are available for commercial use, and ordering bulk quantities is the best way to save money on all tissue purchases. Being durable and biodegradable adds to facial tissue value, and discarding of used tissues does not become an environmental problem.

Whether at home, at work, or in commercial establishments, providing facial tissues in addition to other paper products is the ultimate in personal and customer convenience. Custom fit dispensers help cut down waste of product because they can dispense tissues individually. By keeping dispensers near to trash receptacles, germ fighting capability is maximized by easy disposal. Using this specially designed tissue for catching sneezes and stopping runny noses is much better than resorting to the use of toilet tissue for the same purposes. This type of tissue is constructed to absorb better and stay strong to hold up to brisk sneezes, coughs or blows. Germs are captured and disposed of quickly and in a sanitary manner.

Facial paper products are available in many quantities, including by the case. Be sure to add these products to your next order of janitorial and cleaning supplies so your home, office or business establishment is ready to combat pesky viruses and germs that can cost business money in lost employee time and reduced customer visits due to illness. There are a vast number of reliable brands available, and often online suppliers do not have any minimum requirements for purchases and deliveries. Find all you need at a convenient wholesale supplier of janitorial supplies to individuals and commercial customers, with discount pricing and special offers, fast delivery and superior customer service.

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