Differences Between Single-Fold and Multifold Paper Towels

When shopping for single-use towels for the restroom, there are single-fold paper towels and multifold paper towels. Both of these towels are useful in their own way, but there are small differences between them that make one better than the other for each individual use. To to know which one of these towels would be the best for your needs, you have to know what each type of towel is and how it is folded.

Single Fold Hand Towels

Single Fold Paper Towels

Single fold towels are paper towels that are folded in half, in one single fold. This single folded towel is excellent for use in areas that require an economy line of washroom products due to high traffic and/or excessive towel use. These towels, although less expensive than multifolds, are still of a high quality. Single-fold towels are strong, thick, and absorbent. Single-fold towels come ready to load into single-fold towel dispensers, or they can be purchased in a pop-up box for one-at-a-time dispensing similar to facial tissues. They are available in both natural brown and bleached white.

Multi-Fold Paper Towels

Mult-Fold Paper Towels

Multi-Fold Paper TowelsMultifold towels are paper hand towels that are different in shape than single-fold paper hand towels because they are folded in 3 layers, in the shape of an accordion. These 1-ply towels are about 9.2 inches x 9.4 inches in sheet size prior to being folded. Since these larger towels are more absorbent due to their larger size, you actually use less. So, they are also a cost-efficient option for high-traffic public restrooms. They are available in both natural brown and bleached white.

Absorbent single-fold and multifold towels are available from the top manufactures you know and trust, such as Kimberly-Clark Kleenex, Georgia-Pacific Acclaim, Windsoft, Boardwalk, Tork and Genuine Joe. So, whichever fold you choose as the one that best suits your individual needs, shop online today at CleanItSupply.com for paper towels and other replenishing janitorial supplies and start saving today!

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