Microfiber Cleaning Guide Part 3: Microfiber Cleaning Tools

Different Microfiber Cleaning Products

 Welcome to Part 3 of CleanItSupply.com’s Microfiber Cleaning Cheat Sheet Guide. Part 1 of our guide delved into both the history of Microfibers, and what makes them so powerful. In Part 2 we provides information on the benefits of Microfiber cleaning tools, looking further into why they are so effective.

In this final chapter of our guide to Microfiber cleaning we will go over the variety of tools that use these positively-charged cleaning fibers.

Microfibers are literal dirt and dust magnets, which makes them ideal for dusting. We offer a wide selection of Microfiber Dusting Mitts and Microfiber Dusting Wands that are great for everything from intense cleaning and dusting, to simple and quick touch-ups.

Due to their soft and delicate nature, Microfiber scrubbing tools are perfect for delicate surfaces. These Microfiber Sponges are reusable and fully washing machine ready. Able to clean with or without chemicals, due to their positively charged make-up, these quality Microfiber tools trap particles of dirt easily and effectively.

Cleaning and Polishing
Providing unparalleled cleaning power, these powerful Microfiber Cleaning Cloths last longer and deliver higher-quality results compared to regular cotton rags. These cleaning towels won’t redeposit dirt and grease once it is swiped up. Are you sick of one-use cleaning cloths? These cloths are completely reusable. Just swipe, clean, rinse, and dry, then start cleaning again!

For larger cleaning situations, mops are typically the way to go. Microfiber mop heads are no exception. Coming in both Microfiber Dry Mop Heads and Microfiber Wet Mop Heads, these products work for every scenario. These mops come in several sizes, and fit almost any application. These varieties provide exceptional results, and typically last much longer when compared to a traditional synthetic or cotton mop.

Microfiber Mop Frames
While these cleaning mops and pads are the stars of the show, Microfiber Mop Head Handles and Microfiber Mop Head Extension Handles are a necessity as well. Available in a variety of sizes, these handles make cleaning a breeze.

Throughout this detailed manual, we have illustrated the history, development, application, and countless advantages of Microfiber Cleaning. It was our goal to offer the most comprehensive and informative account of these products, and to ensure our customers are as inform as they can possibly be. To purchase any of these high-quality Microfiber Cleaning tools, please click or call us at 1-800-998-3295.

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