Can Work Gloves Truly Protect My Hands?

Leather Palm Gloves

Work gloves are a necessity if you own or work in a commercial business, construction, or a homeowner with indoor and outdoor projects. They are the lesser of two evils. Go protected and avoid accidents or take the risk of nails, splinters, metal chips, or climate related injuries to your hands. Yes, at times they can be clumsy, cumbersome and not flexible as working with your bare hands; however the alternative can put you, your workers, or assistants at risk.

There are many choices of work gloves. No two are alike, or provide exactly the same protection. Whether you choose canvas, knit or leather gloves, there is one that will meet your needs the best. These particular fabrics are great for warehouse, assembly, furniture and materials handling, or good old fashioned yard work and home projects. Most of these fabrics also provide comfort and warmth when working in environments with limited or no control over temperature.

Cotton canvas gloves are one of the most popular for warehouse work, assembly and handling of materials, painting or light yard work. The material usually provides a comfortable fit and protects your hands from getting blisters, scrapes or scratches in handling many varied materials.

If you need something with a firmer grip, you should consider a cotton canvas glove with PVC dots. The dotted PVC material allows you to grip items and hold onto them without slippage. The PVC actually will also increase the life of the glove so they last longer than the standard canvas gloves.

If you have heavy duty material or furniture to move, or are in a manufacturing environment, you might want to consider leather palm gloves. Leather palm gloves typically have leather on the palm, fingertips, and knuckle straps. These gloves give you extra protection and have more puncture resistance than a standard canvas or knit glove, which makes them perfect for heavy construction work where splinters or nails could be a hazard. Even with certain types of yard work or household projects, you might want to consider buying a few good pairs of these quality gloves. They last long and help to prevent accidents from ruining the day or project.

If you are doing work in a cold environment or outdoors, keeping your hands warm is key. In these cold weather conditions, string knit gloves are the best choice. Made out of a cotton and polyester blend, string knit gloves serve as an excellent barrier against the cold.

Sizing of gloves sometimes is difficult so you want to make sure you get the right fit. Most manufacturers carry all sizes, come in ambidextrous for either hand use or left/hand right hand. Unless there is reason, you should stay away from the one size fits all. Very rarely do they fit and there is nothing worse than trying to work with a glove that is not as close to form fitting as you can. Not only are they uncomfortable but do not give you gripping power and tend just to get in the way especially at the fingertips.

Whatever your task may be, be smart and wear work gloves to protect your hands and you won’t be sorry.

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