Boardwalk C-Fold Paper Towels: The Time-Tested Best

Most people have been there. Walking into a public restroom, washing their hands, only to have the latest innovation in paper towel dispensing technology malfunction. It seems there is always a new, creative, and innovative way to dispense and distribute paper towels coming out on the market; but is it necessary? Does something that has already been perfected, need to be advanced any further? Although automatic paper towel dispensers, and futuristic motion sensors are very cool to look at, are they worth the cost, and the maintenance? The most complete option in these circumstances is one that combines the most affordable pricing, and easiest usability, with the least amount of routine upkeep: Boardwalk C-Fold Paper Towels.

The beauty of Boardwalk C-Fold Towels is that each towel come folded individually, allowing the user to take one or two or however many are needed, at a time. No fiddling with a lever to try to get the paper towels out to dry your hands, or swiping your hand endlessly in an attempt to get the motion sensor’s attention. Just simply grab what you need, and go. The C-Fold dispensers are every bit as easy to stock and restock as well. Paper towel dispensers that use C-Fold Paper Towels generally have one open slot at the top, and bottom; offering a simple design that leaves very little room for malfunction.

Regardless if you are searching for a paper towel dispenser for your home, office, warehouse, restroom, or kitchen, the C-Fold design is the perfect fit for any environment, that requires a quick, simple and hygienic drying option. The C-Fold design is economical too, allowing the user to choose how many towels they want, leading to less wasted product. Compared to other options, such as roll paper towels, the amount is left up to an individual’s best portion judgment, which is often too much. With individual towel designs like Boardwalk C-Fold Paper Towels, an individual can have a good, accurate count of how many towels they have left, and when it need to be restocked.

One of the other great advantages of using Boardwalk C-Fold towels is the fact that they are eco-friendly. They are made using recycled contents. 65% post-consumer and 35% pre-consumer waste fiber are used in the making of these paper towels, which make them not only an economical choice, but one of the best for the eco-conscious consumers. Not only that, but they meet EPA guidelines, as well. If your company or office managers are looking for ways to help your building go green and be more eco-friendly, you can’t go wrong choosing these C-Fold paper towels to stock your restroom facilities.


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