Medical Marijuana Growers, Meet Your New Best Buds

Today, CleanItSupply is excited to announce that we’re getting into the medical marijuana business!

plants growing
…well, sort of.

We’ve geared up to be the first-ever janitorial supplies company willingly, knowingly and excitedly serving the world’s medical marijuana growers – and here’s why:

The medical marijuana industry is set to catch fire.

harvesting buds

Since 1996, 20 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana – all to the emphatic cheers and uncontrollable giggling of thousands of glaucoma sufferers (and a few of their closest friends).

Legal Cannabis Map

But now, things are really heating up… as of January 1, 2014, medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and Washington State are open for business to anyone over the age of 21 – for any reason.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Gallup polls show 58% of Americans are in favor of full legalization, so it’s really only a matter of time until the rest of the country follows suit.


These changes are creating a legal pot industry worth billions to those who can stake a claim. All across the country, would-be millionaires are packing their bags and filing their papers, eager for their chance to strike it rich in the wild, wild west of weed.

It’s official – the “green rush” is here.

But if you’re imagining an army of smoked-out hippies:

i like weed gif

think again.

Today’s ganja-preneur looks less like your Cheetos-encrusted stoner and more like your corporate professional in a three-piece suit.


Venture Capitalist and owner of, Justin Hartfield

And unlike the dingy neighborhood basements of years past, today’s medical marijuana grow operations are starting to look like something out of a sci-fi film:

weed grow room space age

Decked out with laser sensors, 24-hour security, a constellation of night-vision cameras and a staff whose temperature must be measured before they can enter the premises (lest they contaminate the product).


These are legitimate businesses, complete with suitcase-toting execs and backed by millionaire venture capitalists who can smell the opportunity from a mile away.

But life isn’t kushy for America’s next millionaires.

Those bold enough to brave an industry chronically dogged by confusing legislation and social stigma are faced with all kinds of hassles. Aside from all the legal finagling, there’s the banking issue.


Attorney General Eric Holder Jr.

Even after Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. made the case that lawful marijuana businesses ought to have access to the banking system, medical marijuana businesses continue to be turned away by banks afraid of both the risk and what legislators might do next.

It’s not only near-impossible for a marijuana dispensary to get a bank loan, they’re also left without bank accounts or the ability to take credit card payments.

money in trash bag

That’s got businesses cramming their lawfully-earned stacks of $1,000 into brown paper bags and making daring drives all across the city, praying they won’t get hijacked. Some go so far as to Febreze the cash, hoping that banks won’t catch on.

Alright – but what do CleanItSupply and pot farmers have in common? got its start in a dusty garage before growing into the company we are today. As the first janitorial company in cyberspace, CEO and Founder Dan Dillon raised more than a few eyebrows and had to overcome numerous challenges to get the business off the ground.

Dan on CNN

CleanItSupply CEO, Dan Dillon

In other words, we respect the hustle it takes to recognize and chase down a new opportunity, and we think it’s worth rewarding. But there’s also a more practical reason that CleanItSupply and medical marijuana growers make a great “joint venture”: It’s not enough to be on the law’s good side –to grow medicinal marijuana, the rooms used need to be an extreme kind of clean.

huge grow room

Pools of water, clumps of discarded soil and fallen leaves are all breeding grounds for fungus, mold and pests, all of which thrive in the hot, humid environments required to grow. Pests chew through the crops and cut down yields, while fast-spreading fungi infect plants through the soil, spores and humidity, effectively destroying them.

bud rot on cannabis buds

Cannabis Crop Affected by Bud Rot

At the same time, inhalation of airborne mold spores cause kinds of nasty health conditions, including serious respiratory diseases, asthma and allergic rhinitis.

None of those things are good for the quality of the crop or the health of the patient on the receiving end, so preventing them from ever occurring is critical to a marijuana grower’s success.

That’s where we come in. We’ve got the good stuff.

For those budding businesses and medicinal home-growers alike, we’ve got the supplies you need to get your business rolling and keep it clean, too.

trimming plants

Locks, safes, high-velocity fans, tents, tarps, scissors for trimming, and power tools to build a grow room that even a staunch republican could smile on. Industrial-grade cleaning supplies to keep grow rooms sparkling; fire extinguishers to tackle those pesky electrical fires, and smoke alarms to catch them before they spread.

cash counter

Cash Counter with Built In Counterfeit Detection

We’ve even got cash counters and counterfeit detectors to help you stack up your bills before your next white-knuckled race to the nearest bank who sees the same potential we do.

From the pens at your front desk to the respirator on your face, you can buy it all here – judgment free.

We’re eager to earn your business and want to be your dealer of choice, so we’re proud to announce a special offer: Starting April 20th take an additional 10% off your purchase using the coupon code “MMJCIS”.

So to those brave pioneers and ambitious dreamers blazing the trail, hungry for the opportunity to make a dime (or a few billion) – we salute you. Even if the bank won’t take your green (we mean your money, of course), we’re more than happy to.

And hey – if you still need it, we can sell you that Febreze, too.

pot plant in bloom

Happy growing!

Dan Dillon and the CleanItSupply team


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