Are Kleenex C-Fold Paper Towels Worth the Money?

Kleenex C-fold Towels

Paper towels are important items to keep stocked in the home, businesses and the workplace. From restaurants to health care facilities, towels are a key part of sanitation and health. These towels may be found in bathrooms, kitchens, examination rooms, and more. While it is possible to find a wide range and varitey of styles of cloth towels for use in such areas, it is important to select an option that best suits the need. For extra strength and cleaning capacity, one of the best options is Kleenex C-Fold disposable towels.

Kleenex C-Folds are high quality single ply towels. With a clean, bleached white appearance, these disposable towels unfold to a maximum size of 13.15 by 10.125. On top of these features, they have all the integrity of the Kleenex brand. As a part of the Kimberly-Clark family, the idea for Kleenex was first conceived during World War I, when a similar substance was used on the interior of gas masks. The company soon used that formula to create the first Western facial tissue in 1924. Over the years, Kleenex has remained a staple product, and the term Kleenex is so widely accepted that it is often used to refer to any type of facial tissue, regardless of brand.

However, tissues with the brand name Kleenex do offer something extra special. In particular, Kleenex C-Fold towels are chosen for their strength. The increased durability of these disposable towels allows them to see extensive use, even in jobs not traditionally completed with a towel. With this level of durability, such strong paper towels are not likely to rip or tear, even after getting wet. This allows these towels to get more use from a single sheet, which can help reduce waste and cost.

Part of the strength in Kleenex c-fold paper towels comes from their superior absorption capabilities. Kleenex has perfected its paper towels, and these high end paper towels can retain more moisture than most of their competitors. This means that a single sheet can see extended use, even for the messiest cleaning jobs. Part of the secret to the absorption in Kleenex C-fold paper towels is in the embossed surface, which not only captures more liquid but creates a soft and pleasing feeling when used.

In addition to the high quality offered by Kleenex C-Fold towels, these towels are also environmentally friendly. Made with at least 40 percent post-consumer waste, they comply with the EPA’s standards for recycled kitchen roll towels. When combined with the heightened absorption capabilities and prolonged use of a single sheet, these towels are a smart choice for businesses and other workplaces with an eye to environmental issues.

With this many perks, it is no surprise that Kleenex C-Fold towels are considered to be elite options. The best restaurants, medical facilities, and business complexes use these paper towels, thanks to their increased durability and pleasing texture.

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