College Bound

Do you have a college student on your hands? Help them get off to a great start for the new school year with the perfect school supplies that will have them ready for just about anything. From the classroom to the dorm room, we can help get your student off on the right foot because, let’s face it, school can sometimes be hard enough.

A good rule of thumb to follow is anything you tend to use at your desk, they will likely also need. This means your student will require not only pens, a calculator, printer ink, a stapler, paper clips, tape, and some paper, in addition to many other supplies such as highlighters, notebooks, and even light bulbs. When sharing living space, a label maker can certainly help in keeping the peace, especially in the kitchen area. Label cereal boxes, yogurt, or whatever it is that needs to be clearly defined as someone’s personal property so life lived in a shared space is a harmonious one. Today’s students need many technology products and accessories to be used in conjunction with their technology items. Cell phones may need spare extra-long charging cords, while laptop computers may need extra USB cables and plenty of thumb drives. The list of needed technology accessories will continually grow as long as the school year and far beyond. Make sure your student is well-prepared for anything the demanding school semesters might bring.

Lastly, don’t forget to arm your student with a first aid supply kit because, well, you just never know. Short of keeping up with their studies, hopefully the only other issue that your college-bound student will need to worry about, since they are now fully-prepared with supplies, is calculating how many Ramen noodle packages they could actually afford to purchase in order to feed themselves for the full week ahead. Final word of advice, keep your own pantry and refrigerator filled for frequent unplanned visits. A diet solely based on noodles could get old fairly quickly.

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