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We have all shopped online before. In fact, many of us have shopped online probably countless times. Some of us may have even shopped at a website that we were a little unsure about, just hoping that they are a trustworthy site after all. Stop guessing and start enjoying online shopping again with a Google Trusted Store!

Google Trusted Store




Google Trusted Stores take the guesswork and risk out of online shopping. Shop with a Google Trusted Store such as and you are guaranteed a pleasant, reliable and secure shopping experience that will ultimately empower you, the consumer.

What are you offered, you wonder? Well, if peace of mind is not priceless enough then perhaps these added perks will help you realize the importance of shopping a Google Trusted Store. You will purchase with confidence knowing that you will receive reliable shipping and exceptional customer service in addition to free purchase protection from Google if, for some unlikely reason, an issue arises that has trouble being resolved. It is easy to find out how a store has performed by clicking on the Google badge. By doing so you can see if a store delivers what is promised, which is an excellent shopping experience all the way around. Simply hover your cursor over the Google Trusted Store logo and find out everything you need to in order to feel confident about doing business with a particular merchant including verifying the authenticity of the badge itself. has earned the Google Trusted Store badge because, in short, we are a great place to shop and the leader in the industry for janitorial supplies and cleaning supplies alike.  Our fast shipping record and customer service statistics prove that CleanItSupply cares about our customers and will strive to maintain that high level of devotion. CleanItSupply has proven consistently that we offer reliable shipping, exceptional customer service and highly-rated, positive customer reviews. Google has recognized CleanItSupply’s unwavering commitment.

Of course, earning a Google Trusted Store badge does not come easy. As you can see, CleanItSupply works hard to guarantee such a high-quality shopping experience each and every time. There are also Trusted Store Policy requirements for this program that CleanItSupply must adhere to as well. Here at we promise to promote a safe and positive shopping experience for users and will comply with all laws and regulations. We assure our customers that our website is accurate and truthful and we will not violate your trust or privacy, which is something that must be increasingly valued and protected more with each passing day. is committed to providing our customers with the best shopping experience that we can offer from timely shipping to phenomenal customer service that will have our customers shopping with us time and time again. Trustworthy and dedicated, is a Google Trusted Store for a reason. Come and shop with us today and see for yourself the difference, now backed by Google’s trust.

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