Everyone Is Our Customer!


If you know anything about CleanItSupply.com you know that we cater to anyone and everyone, regardless of location, budget, establishment, square footage of home or business, or even product category.

If you have had the pleasure of shopping with us before, chances are you are a repeat customer. If you have not shopped with us in the past, you are in for a very nice surprise!

Don’t let the name fool you. CleanItSupply.com definitely has cleaning supplies and lots of them in all types and sizes, for all budgets and buyers. Yet we are so much more than simply cleaning products. CleanItSupply.com is also a wholesale janitorial supply and office supply company that caters to everybody. We pride ourselves on our strong customer service and we bring to our customers high-quality products at discounted prices every day. We also know the great importance of receiving your orders in a timely manner which is why we can ensure fast deliveries from one of our 33 warehouses across the nation. Order today, clean tomorrow!

Our wide-range of consumer base includes janitorial companies, housecleaning firms, maintenance managers, school custodians, business office managers, as well as homeowners and renters alike. We strive to be that one-stop-shop that you can go to and get all of your shopping finished at once and know that you just got a really great deal. Selling quality products at discount prices you would think the selection may not be diverse, but it is. Click through our site and see for yourself.

Looking to stock up on paper products and supplies for the kitchen or bathroom? We even offer them in bulk to save you time in reordering, and of course, save you money. Why bother having to run out to your local bulk warehouse when we will deliver your order right to your door – no more waiting in long lines, no more lugging it all to your vehicle in inclement weather, and then unpacking it all again when you get to your home or business. Best of all, there are no membership fees when you shop with us. That’s right. We offer wholesale prices without membership fees.  Allow CleanItSupply.com to step into that buying equation and simply it for you at no additional cost.

We offer a vast and varied category of items such as restaurant supplies, snack and breakroom items, office supplies and office furniture, technology products including ink and toner, industrial and safety products and apparel, and of course, cleaning and janitorial supplies. Needing one or many – we have you covered. Are you on a time constraint? We understand and will accommodate you. Have a question or need advice? Call us. To happily answer your call is a trained customer service professional who has the knowledge to answer any and all questions you may have. Whether it is about an unknown stain on the carpet or some mysterious scratch on natural stone tile, you can be certain that our service reps will steer you in the right direction regarding the correct products and techniques for the job at hand.

CleanItSupply.com also offers full lines of environmentally-friendly green cleaning products and supplies for your home or business because we care. We care about the environment, we care about the health of our families and yours, and we care to make this world a safer place one product at a time.

Sure, we have a passion for clean, but we also share a passion for high quality, low prices, and great selection. You may not think of a company with those same qualities that you also find appealing as a consumer but we are just like you with our own families, who also want quality products without having to waste time shopping around for the best prices. Hey, we get it! Come share in our passion and shop CleanItSupply.com today – your one-stop-shop to everything. Just one more reason why everyone is our customer!

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