Not the response we hoped for, but we are not giving up

Recently members of the Reddit social media community were inspired by Nascar driver Josh Wise who was racing an unsponsored car and they partnered with Dogecoin to fund his team. Within a week, $55,000 was raised and Josh is now sponsored by Dogecoin. The Dogecoin community and foundation have also encouraged fundraising for numerous charities as well as other notable causes, including Winter Olympics fundraising efforts as well as collecting donations to build a well in Kenya. It was Josh Wise’s story, as well as Dogecoin’s sense of community and their philanthropic leanings, that prompted our CEO, Dan Dillon, to begin accepting Dogecoin for purchases made through our website. Dan even committed to donating 50% of any profits made in the first week from purchases with Dogecoin to a charity that raises money for the homeless ( With 50% of the profits going to charity we were very hopeful that the use of Dogecoin would really take off but we just haven’t seen it pick up steam through our online store the way we had hoped. Sales transactions using Dogecoin have been minimal, totaling $56.25, equivalent to 6196029506 Doge coins, but we continue to have faith in Dogecoin and believe in their efforts. We know that sometimes it can take a while to build momentum. For that reason, we will continue to accept Dogecoin for online purchases and hope to see its success build. When you shop with, you can rest assured you are getting a great deal. And, as an added bonus, when you use Dogecoin for those purchases, you’re helping someone in need. It’s a win-win!

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